This has been a blowout year for Honda as we witnessed the announcement of the big red street legal – CRF40L. As KTM / Husqvarna and Beta brought their European vision to the dual-sport world, many people wanted to see the current Japanese interpretation of a Dual Sport Motorcycle.

Honda is now on a lock and loaded and ready to fire pace to compete with other manufacturing companies. This full legal bike were taken by the manufacturers and stated it is “Bare Minimum” of equipment precise relevance to a “Dirt Bike” platform. As trail riders wanted to extend the excitement riding, Honda CRF 450L extends the expectation of a Dual Sports type with its trail prowess and admittance to all legal requirements.

Globally, the demands for trail bikes with dual sport are still high. For everyone’s information, Honda CRF 450L is a 450cc dual-sport motorcycle that is based on the CRF450R (the CRF for motocross) and comes from the new models and lines of CRF performance. Although it is based on motocross 450R, Honda CRF 450L lines up much more of a normal service intervals and quality road ancillaries making the L even more noticeable and what it stands for.

Project Leader Mr M. Uchiyama said: The CRF450L is about having maximum fun out on the dirt. It looks like a CRF450R because, really, it is – just a trail-friendly, road-legal version. That’s what the ‘L’ stands for – ‘legal’. It’s been engineered to deliver excellent handling feel, with linear engine torque that helps the rider make the most of the available grip in all conditions. And it contains HRC-derived CRF technology within a real-world service schedule.”

Equipped with bigger tanks, better dimensions and durability, and six speed gearboxes, this new bike enters the market with a thrilling fashion and making it flexible in dirt and on the road.  Honda says the dual-purpose 450L draws strongly on the fundamental performance of a race machine, the CRF450R moto-crosser, yet with much more ‘normal’ service intervals and quality road ancillaries. Presents also as standard of the CRF450L are the speedometer, horns and strong beam lights with a LED lighthing.

Key engine features:

  • A 449.7cc Engine Unicam engine with a EURO4 emissions and noise regulator specially designed for trail-to-trail riding.
  • Steadfast valve timing equipped for power delivery in a smooth technical riding.
  • The crank mass has been increased to 13% more over CRF450R for torque improvement and better response
  • The engine has a 12:0:1 compression ratio
  • New designed piston ring with three-ring at Bore X Stroke of 96mm x 62.1mm.
  • The four-valve Uni-cam cylinder head features a finger rocker arm on the inlet valves; valve lift is 7.7mm with 6.7mm exhaust valve lift. Inlet valve diameter is 38mm.
  • The four-valve Uni-cam cylinder head features a finger rocker arm on the inlet valves; valve lift is 7.7mm with 6.7mm exhaust valve lift. Inlet valve diameter is 38mm.
  • Electric fan and thermostat control engine temperature for heavy conditions.
  • ECU with dedicated settings and minimal noise emission on the engine thru crank cases on both sides.
  • Single-muffler exhaust system for street legal requirements.
  • Special clutch designs that enables light lever pull with friction supresses engine torque fluctuations. The clutch has seven friction discs with a 2mm clutch plate efficiently
  • Large capacity radiators with in elevation of heat-exchange efficiency for on and off road tracks.
  • New Air cleaner box redesigned with PGM-FI and Air Injection System
  • The front sprocket is a 13T, the rear 51T. Peak power is 18.4kW with peak torque of 32Nm (24ft-lb).
  • Equipped with high volume unit of battery uprated for generating more electrical power for LED lights and self-recharging when running low speed.

 Chassis details

  • A redesigned chassis from CRF450R for street legal riding
  • Aluminium twin-spar frame for better handling on off-road tracks
  • The headstock is also altered to mount a steering lock and the aluminium swingarm injected with urethane to reduce vibration
  • Rake and trail are set at 28.5°/122mm which helps increases firmness with an extensive wheelbase (18mm longer to 1500mm).
  • 49mm Showa fork with trail-to-trail concept adjustable for preload plus compression damping
  • .The rear subframe is equipped as same as the 450R with mounting point adjusted on the tail light and right-single exhaust muffler.
  • A 260mm wave-pattern disc has two-piston brake calliper and single-piston at the rear with 240mm wave-pattern disc.
  • Front brake uses design from CRF450R, but with better fade resistance equipped with thicker discs and large-capacity pool.
  • LED turn signals with flexible stands for durability
  • Accessible electronic component box only located at the left side of the frame\
  • Black 7/8” Renthal handlebar with red pad
  • Compact, lightweight handlebar switches
  • IRC GP-21F/GP-22R tires provide great balance and prodigious handling for new and elite riders of on- and off-road performance
  • Endless sealed chain, which withstands the elements
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 7.6L with a cut-off valve that serves as a lock and prevents fuel from flowing out of tank when riding.

With using the CRF450R as a base, Honda CRF450L provides a twist on the market with its dual purpose and street legal competence. Not just built with tough and power, it’s also ensure that riders would expect better riding experience on and off the road by just using this new 2019 Honda CRF450L. What’s your take on this?

Technical Specifications:

  • Engine and Displacement: 449cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder uni-cam
  • Bore and Stroke: 6.0mm x 62.1mm
  • Compression Ratio: 12.0:1
  • Carburation: PGM-FI Fuel injection
  • Transmission: 6 speed
  • Starter: Electric Starter
  • Transmission/Final Drive: Chain
  • Ignition: Digital CDI
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.6 litres
  • Dimensions (L´W´H) 2,280mm x 825mm x 1,260mm
  • Wheelbase: 1500mm
  • Caster Angle: 28.5°
  • Trail: 122mm
  • Seat Height: 940mm
  • Ground Clearance: 315mm
  • Kerb weight: 130.8kg
  • Lighting: LED


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