Yamaha announced the new 2019 WR450F. A trail-type motorcycle inspired from YZ450F with stronger power, broad versatility, and better handling. Not like YZ450FX off-road racer, the WR is fully compliant with EPA emission and noise. The release of this new WR450F also delights the 20-year-celebration of Yamaha in production of 4-stroke enduro bikes.

A combination of linear and tractable power, pinpoint handling, and clockwork reliability has entrenched the WR450F as a must have for riders who prefer fast trails and hard tracks. Like the original 1998 WR400F, the all-new 2019 model is directly based on the successful YZ450F platform.

2019 WR450F Main Features:

  • An ultimate Enduro Machine that builds from Yamaha’s line of motocross and off-road riding designed for better Enduro experience
  • A 450cc liquid cooled DOHC four-stroke valves engine
  • Optional race kit with CCU enables Power Tuner app
  • New YZ450F-based lightweight bilateral beam frame
  • Revised KYB suspension for stable and smooth ride
  • New light, slim and sharp body and headlight design
  • Tough new skidplate and new speed
  • Potent Fuel-Injected Engine with a 44mm Mikuni® throttle bod
  • Advanced Alloy Frame
  • Slim, mass-centralised 7.9 litre fuel tank
  • New narrow, lower and more accessible seat
  • The 2019 WR450F utilizes a new headlight unit and fairing light machine.
  • WR450F-specfic ignition and fuel injection maps are optimized for enduro riding and racing
  • Durable new clutch, five-speed wide-ratio gearbox
  • The WR450F uses a large radiator with excellent cooling capacity

It is a bit relevant that Yamaha is producing a potent moto-trail weapon with this new WR450F. The front engine mounts brackets attached are similar to YZ450FX while the upper-side engine mounts and two plate-type mounts in front of the engine are from YZ450F. The contribution of Yamaha’s other models helps contribute an excellent driving experience while hitting contact to the ground with less shabby and vibration.

The 2019 WR450F also features a lighter and compact body from front to back. The radiator is fortified with new air duct in a concave shape for better knee grip and rider’s body movements. The production of this bike also focused on the mass as a whole. Some changes made are; repositioning plastic covers, Installed with new system, redesigned one-way clutch, removing kick starter, and proper placement of cylinder to keep the bike in a lighter weight.


The new WR450F has been developed further from 2019 YZ450F platform from others stated that it’s the “apex predator” of motocross with mind bending power and tremendous control.  This bike also has rearward-slanted cylinder design complete with forward-mounted intake system and rear exhaust that features a cylinder head that works with the frame geometry for optimized weight distribution. Inside, the engine features a straight intake tract, aggressive cam profiles, high-compression “box bridge” piston design with DLC-coated piston pin, and more.

Just like YZ450F, this 5-speed transmission bike is also equipped with Yamaha reverse cylinder head engine and enduro intake and exhaust systems, fuel injections and ignition advance maps. Yamaha says the new high torque engine produces “a broad and linear spread of useable power. With an excellent feeling of traction, the WR450F delivers harder- hitting performance for winning times on enduro special tests.

New features connecting to your Smartphone

Yamaha innovate its specifications with this new feature by connecting your smartphone to your bike using Power Tuner App. By using WiFi connection, you can access your WR450F to different tracks and weather conditions with the Communication Control Unit that is available in the optional race kit. Yamaha Power Tuner App allows the owner to record and track information and monitor a range of data, time and many more. The app also features instant fuelling, ignition timing changes and track-side tuning making a remembering experience for riders


Developed from the 2018 YZ450F, the all-new aluminium bilateral beam frame is slighter and lighter for a more responsive sense. The frame design includes a revised straight tank rail, larger absorption zone, rear arm bracket and head pipe position which contribute to the improved agility, precision and traction.

KYB® Speed-Sensitive System inverted fork; fully adjustable, 12.2-in travel is equipped in the front suspension while KYB® single shock; fully adjustable, 12.5-in travel in the rear. The WR450F KYB suspension set-up is recognized for its capacities to straight out.

The outer tubes are the same as YZ450F that provides a secured ground contact and handling. 25mm cartridge cylinder diameter and piston have been increased and has the flow rate of the fork oil. The mid-speed valve also changed from coil spring type to a leaf spring type to access more damping feel at low and high speeds.

The rear shock absorber is also based on the YZ450F unit and features Enduro’s specific settings that feature a coil spring with a higher strength with an 11.5mm wire diameter in 350 grams approximately. The capacity of the shock reservoir has been increased by 30cc to run cooler and achieve a more stable damping force.

The new WR450F will be available at selected Yamaha dealers this October, 2018. No specific date released and as well as the availability of WR250 and PW50.

Contact your Yamaha dealer more information and details.

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