A victory was bestowed unto Steve Holcombe for the both fifth and sixth round of the 2018 Italian championship held in Colle di Torra for two consecutive days. The first day saw the current Italian and World Championship trend with Steve Holcombe and Alex Salvini as they battle it out for the first spot in the race. Towards the end of the day, Holcombe was hailed as the fastest by beating Salvini by just eight seconds. Coming behind the two was the third placer Eero Remes with only four tenths behind Salvini and it was a close race indeed. The three mentioned riders certainly gave their all into the race and had some energy to spare for the popular autograph session on the Saturday evening.


The second day saw a podium lined with being all-foreign type as Eero Remes and Brad Freeman stood there along with Holcombe. Alex Savini wasn’t at his best during that day as was sick resulting in a different performance compared to the previous day. Despite of this, he still managed to win the E2 but now rests in the second place in the overall championship and was off by only one point behind Holcombe. The track in Colle di Torra was subjected to changes during the two day course as the weather kept on changing. Following the heavy rain on the Saturday afternoon, riders had a very mud-covered and wet first lap on the second day. The distinctiveness of the Motoclub Valturano’s course changed under a warm sun gradually drying the ground over the Sunday.

Steve Holcombe put up his game face on during the Cross test and demanding Extreme test which was both won by him. Eero Remes got the best time in the Enduro Test on the second day. Class winners for this round of the Italian championship were a well-known line-up from international racing: Giacomo Marmi (125), Maurizio Micheluz (250 2T), Davide Soreca (300), Manuel Monni (300), Alex Salvini (450), Matteo Cavallo (Junior), Claudio Spanu (Youth) and Steve Holcombe (Stranieri).


Manuel Dolce won the overall in the Italian Class as well as the ‘Cadetti’ class. Christian Capocci had the victory in the Junior, Alessandro Borghi the Senior and Marco Maggi in the Major. Cristina Marrocco won the Women’s Class as she returns to the competition.

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