The 2018 FIM Enduro GP World Champion has now been crowned to Steve Holcombe after having overall winning result on day one of the GP in Germany. The Beta Factory Racing rider enters the final advantage with a full advantage to maintain at top of the standings. With his dominating win on day one, Holcombe safely to say that he secured his second consecutive EnduroGP title with command and winning the Enduro 3 class title also.

Steve Holcombe started his day with a confidence in hand after finishing second in Friday night super test, and maintaining his form over the Saturday earning him the top spot throughout the day. In winning the 2018 FIM Enduro GP World Championship, and 2018 FIM Enduro 3 World Championship, The Beta Factory Racing rider adds more to his accomplishment with four championship titles including his previous crown from 2018 FIM EnduroGP World Championship and the 2016 FIM Enduro World Championship.

Steve Holcombe said: “This title feels a lot different to the others – different but still amazing. Being injured mid-season and having to catch up, it’s been a challenging year. But thanks to a lot of hard work from a number of good people we did it and have another world title to show for it. I knew I didn’t have to win today, but I wanted to do my best to win. Thankfully, the super test went well on Friday night and I had a consistent opening lap today.”

“I still managed to do enough to win, so everything worked out perfectly in the end. Securing another world title by winning the day is the best way to wrap things up. The conditions were tricky, but I had a really good second motocross test. I was getting carried away with things a little and had to tell myself not to push so hard.”

“What an amazing feeling. World champion! It’s a massive relief to finally get the title as it’s been a real rollercoaster of a season.”

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