Seriously Injured In A Construction Accident? Fight For Your Rights

Construction sites need to be safe for everyone. There is nothing that gives employees confidence than when in a secure place. A firm needs to, therefore, comply with the OSHA standards in all ways to ensure high safety standards. Failure to do this will put workers at risk of experiencing injury-causing accidents, which should have been avoidable.

It is every employee’s right to sue a company that hardly sticks to the necessary compliance standards for the construction site after an accident. This ensures that you get compensation for the losses you incur, such as through medical bills, psychological torture, and disruption of the ability to work. When fighting for your rights, follow the correct procedure.

Seek Medical Attention

Health first; anything else will follow later. It would be best to find a medical doctor who will offer the proper treatment for the injuries you develop since the accident. Regardless of the extent or the harm, there is a need to find the right medical services. Through this, you get the chance to eliminate any further complications which may come about from the already-present injuries.

At the same time, you get the opportunity of getting the medical report which is paramount for your lawsuit ahead. The document contains typically comprehensive details on the injury infliction on your body. This is key when you reach the later stages of the legal process and when filing the insurance claims.

Inform Your Employer

It is highly recommendable to make sure that your employer and site managers know about the incident. You have the right to get compensation from the company running the construction. However, you need to follow the right track for this to happen. First, your manager needs to sign a report showing that on a specific day.

The other thing to value a lot is time. Make sure that you act quickly and make it clear to the construction site’s management. It is worthwhile to do this within 30 days. Failure to do this denies you the right to compensation. Therefore, if possible, do the reporting on the same day.

Engage a Lawyer

The input of an advocate in all these efforts is necessary. This legal expert will help you in following the correct procedure; hence everything will run smoothly. For even better results, consider hiring an attorney who has specialized in construction accident law. A construction accident lawyer understands the dynamics of lawsuits in this legal niche. It, therefore, maximizes the possibility of you winning the case as they will follow the proper steps.

These advocates know whether you should file for a worker’s compensation claim or a third-party claim. Sometimes taking one for the other is the source of all problems as a plaintiff. What is the difference between the two types of claims? If the accident comes from the negligence of the employer, file for a worker’s compensation claim. If another person, such as a fellow worker, is responsible for the accident, then file for a third-party claim.

Documentation of Evidence

A compensation accident lawsuit highly depends on the strength of your evidence. Making it solid is the key to making the case convincing. A lawyer will make this effortless as they know what defines a piece of good evidence. They will start by doing the suitable collection of evidence from the medical reports and construction management statements. At the scene, you may have taken photos of the work setting where the incident took place.

They will later do a good compiling which will speak in one language. Sometimes, inaccuracies of time and date can attract a lot of objections during the court hearings. Thus, construction accident attorneys know how to make the case more viable through proper evidence usage. They also find the right witnesses to testify in your favor.

The Legal Process

Having the proper documents, witnesses, and a competent lawyer when the trials begin, you are ready. The advocate will steer things at this stage through the representation. They raise strong and logical arguments which make the court understand what happened. At the same time, they know the loopholes which the defendants always try to use.

Their knowledge will help make the judge have an easy time determining the judgment; hence, your compensation becomes certain. This is why finding a reliable legal team is worthwhile. Therefore, there is a need to do some proper evaluation of their past track record before anything else.

It is an unfortunate thing to be involved in a construction accident. However, when you find yourself in one, the best thing is to seek justice by filing a lawsuit against the company or the involved third party. Having a construction accident attorney as you go through the legal process is a great idea.

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