The AMA KENDA SRT Hare and Hound Championship’s first round held at Spangler Hills, California was a complete success as it opens up the season in an excellent launch. The first round saw Taylor Robert in an outstanding performance; overpowering the other contestants on the track resulting in him being hailed as the round’s victor.

A great deal of the season’s opening race in the Pro Class made Nick Burson a force to be reckoned with during the entirety of the race. He demonstrated such power during the first lap thus taking the lead but following the rest of the field, he was trapped at a train crossing. His lead was taken over by Robert during the stony and technical division within lap two and from there on out, Robert revved his way into the finish line.

Kendall Norman continued to stay focus on the race after he helped another rider who apparently had some trouble. He finished the race placing in the third place. A trouble with his radiator at the conclusion of lap one made Jacob Argubright’s pace a little slower but despite this incident he managed to finish fourth at the end.

Morgan Crawford made it to the top of the podium at the Pro 250 class with Chance Fullerton in second and Nick Stover in third place. Though it was Fullerton who had the upper hand and was taking the lead during the opening lap, he went down and his lead was taken over from him.

An intense encounter was observed between Fullerton and Crawford as they battle out the lead spot. Fullerton made an incorrect turn and Crawford saw this as an opening paving his way far ahead of Fullerton. Driving his individual race, Nick Stover rode steadily and finished in third place.

In the Women A class, triumph went to Britney Gallegos at the forefront of a solid riderg Rachel Stout in second place.

At Saturday in the afternoon, The Pee Wee races started in which Grady Ballow took home the crown with Waylon Honnold and Damian Padron in second and third respectively.

In the 65cc class, a consistent performance by Jett Lessing who raced in the lead position from start to finish made him the victor. The second spot of Cole Timboe in the ending part of the race was taken over by Brennen Watson which changed the podium results. Brennen Watson in second and Cole Timboe in third.

The Big Wheel race saw Bradley East pilot the whole race. Ashton Stevens, completed second place in the overall, not too distant at the back of East’s lead showing a tight race between them. Meanwhile, Connor Eddy clashed through the dust intended for the concluding spot on the podium.

Ty Woolslayer was the champion in the Girls class and Dakota Mrozik in the second place.

The National Hare and Hound Association is now looking forward for the next will be held at El Centro, California on February 24.

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