The 2017 AMA Hare and Hound Championship held in Barstow, California held an amazing race last Sunday with Taylor Robert bringing home the championship title. It was hosted by the Checkers MC club and they ensured that the race will be fun and exhilarating for both the riders and the audiences. The previous race, it was Gary Sutherlin who won the title but with the tenth and final round of the series, it sure was packed with surprises that earned its bragging rights leading into the off season.

The race started at Sunday morning. It was a one-day event. At around 6 in the morning, the different teams were already preparing their bikes and also with registration. The NHHA Crew and Checkers MC also prepared themselves for the awaited banner drop that will signify the beginning of the race. A row made up of 100 races made their way into the Zip-Ty Racing start line for the banner drop at 9:30. When the flag was dropped, an array of eager riders fired up their bikes resulting to a dust storm start.

In the Pro Class, Taylor Roberts of the FMF KTM Factory was the first one to arrive at the end of the bomb. He then took a holeshot and eventually catching the Hare which resulted for him having a $300 award. Roberts seemed to be raring to go and holds his leading position from his closest competitors. Behind him was Purvines/DA8 Racing backed Gary Sutherlin and Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory rider Jacob Argubright who also kept on advancing hoping to steal the first position.

In the first loop, Argubright and Sutherlin were very close with each other when they arrived into the pits. They battled for the second place but at this time, it was Sutherlin who was ahead. During the second loop, Argubright made his move and took over the second spot from Sutherlin. Kendall Norman was in fourth and Nick Burson of Purvines in fifth.

The FMF Pro 250 had the top spot of the podium for Chidester backed Tyler Lynn, with Zip-Ty Racing backed JP Alvarez in second and Ryan Karell in third.  Alvarez had a rough time during the second loop as he went through some technical problems. But he still kept on advancing and in the long run managed to grab a hold of the second spot. He is considered a “new face to the season” and was sure to give his game face on a battle with Lynn as well as Karell.

Britney Gallegos took the crown at the Women’s class with Brandy Richards and Stephanie Woolslayer in second and third consecutively. All throughout the race, it was Richards and Gallegos who kept on swapping places as both were willing to take the leading spot. Up until the checkered flag, the constant switching battle still roared, but it was Gallegos who ultimately finished first. Richards finished 30 seconds behind her.

With the 2017 season now in the books, plans are already in place for 2018’s round one where the NHHA heads to Ridgecrest, California on January 27th.

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