Red Bull Hare Scramble 2017 Results! Alfredo Gomez, Graham Jarvis and Cody Webb Completes The Podium

Alfredo Gomez, Graham Jarvis and Cody Webb Completes The Podium

Alfredo Gomez who had held the lead since the overtake he made on team-mate Jonny Walker has been unstoppable riding performance. Meanwhile Jarvis have worked on his way from 15th place to 7th behind the leaders.

Difficult sections

As they finished the section of Carl’s Dinner Alfredo Gomez is still holding on the lead with Jonny Walker and Graham on his tail. However, Walker had encountered some difficulties on his approach of checkpoint 21 or the Die Grune Holle section Jarvis overtook him and takes 2nd place. Both of the leading riders tackled the steep section fairly good than the other following riders.

Gomez takes his first ever solo Hare Scramble win

Alfredo Gomez takes the “Lazy Noon” section much easier this year, where last year, he to tackle it twice unlike Graham Jarvis where he took the hill climb just on one go.

Gomez’ first ever solo win

Gomez finished the difficult race in 2:17:06 and takes his first ever solo Hare Scramble Win. “I’m very happy. We worked so hard for this to happen. We worked hard on the bike, I’m very very happy for me and for my mechanic.” Gomez said, “I dedicated this win for my dad and my mom because they couldn’t be here because they had an accident, this is for you”.

Graham Jarvis finishes 2nd place

Jarvis finished it with plus 3 minutes 22 seconds following Gomez. As interviewed before the race, Jarvis said he was not on his 100% fitness as his body is burdening him. His back hurts from riding and practicing for the race but he feel he did well as he admits he is aging. Graham is turned 42 years old last April 21.

This year’s finishers are 25 riders from all over the world. Here is the final results:


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