Pitster Pro 190: A Review of the FSE 190SR Model

pitster pro 190
pitster pro 190

Pitster Pro 190 – The Pister Pro 190 has its share of models and one of them is the Pitster Pro FSE 190 SR model. It is a bike that can handle both teen and adult riders for races and has different notable features. There is also a fat tire version of this model that makes it ideal for all terrains. If you’re a racing enthusiast, this model is one to note. However, the FSE 190SR model tends to be for more experienced riders. So if you’re interested in the prospect of this bike model, you may need to consider the following information.

General Information and Specs on the Pitster Pro FSE 190 SR Model

There are plenty of features that make this bike ideal for racing. Some of these features include a sports exhaust, folding levers, Keihin PE 28-mm carburetor, and a skid plate. For those that are familiar with this line of models, the bike falls on the high-end spectrum of Pitster Pro versions. What makes this a great racing bike? For one thing, with the right transmission and gear, the bike can go as fast a 70 mph. This is achieved though a 187-cc four-valve single cylinder engine, which pumps out 18 horsepower at 9,500 rpm and makes 9.5 pound-feet of torque at 8,000 rpm. If you want to hit the high speed, you’ll need to hit the limiter in fifth gear. When that happens, you’ll be speeding along with the power being sent to through a five-speed manual transmission.

In addition to all this, the engine is oil cooled and has an electric and a kick start. Design-wise, there are Fast Ace inverted forks with compression and rebound adjustment at the front. For the rear, there are progressive link suspension that has 9.8 inches of travel and features compression and rebound adjustability. Taking care of the breaks is a front 220-mm W-style rotor with a floating caliper and a rear 190-mm W-style rotor. The latter also having a floating caliper. Anyone who loves racing will find plenty of benefits with this bike model. On the other hand, if you are still figuring out the bike and racing scene, you may want to consider this bike for later down the line.

The Ups and Downs of Having the FSE 190 SR Model

Every vehicles has its pros and cons and the Pitster Pro 190 model is no different. Whether you’re a biking enthusiast or not, a good set of good and bad features behind a product can make or break a choice. That said, here are the different pros and cons of the Pitster Pro FSE 190 SR Model:


  • A progressive linkage rear suspension that’s fully adjustable
  • A 187-cc 18-horsepower engine with a sports exhaust system
  • A curb weight of just 148 pounds


  • High-priced compared to other bike models
  • Not a great option for non-experience riders/racers


There are plenty of quality racing bikes to choose from and one of them is the Pitster Pro FSE 190 SR model. This bike model has its share of benefits including an ideal engine for racing and reliable suspension and break features. As a bike that can go as fast as 70 mph, racing enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy with this model, especially it’s flat tires version, which can handle all terrains. While this bike can work for both teens and adults, it is best handled by experienced racers and riders. If you have the budget for this model and love racing/biking, then the Pitster Pro FSE 190 SR model is for you.

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