The stage is all set for the upcoming 2018 Italian Championship as the first round is set to happen in Passirano scheduled on February 24-25. The Italian Federation (FMI) has re-installed classes for: 125cc, 250cc two-stroke, 300cc, 250cc four stroke and 450cc. with these variety of classes in laid, a lot of riders are to be expected to compete.

the said round is jam-packed with five special stages ridden four times during each event ensuring a thrill and excitement for both the competitors and the spactators alike. In addition, there will be a prologue event taking place Saturday evening and the programme makes for a well-built weekend’s riding for riders and fans into Passirano.

The FMI is thrilled for the strong entries in this event including some of the well known and biggest names in World Enduro thanks to so many Italian-based teams. It will be a must watch battle for victory and prestige. Matthew Phillips, Christophe Charlier, Alex Salvini, Davide Soreca, Thomas Oldrati, Manuel Monni, Davide Guarneri are presently some of the names that are by now signed up.

The Saturday introduction at round one is programmed for 18.30hrs among the Italian Cup competitors foremost, followed by those inthe pro class. Inside the Italian championship series there are explicit awards and recognitions for those who are the fastest in the cross tests. There is also the Airoh Trophy which Davide Guareneri won in 2017. In addition, the X-CUP Maxxis-Galfer Trophy which aims to finds the most excellent Extreme rider in which Alex Salvini has a gigantic clutch on top of with four X-Cups. These awards might be as important as the podium spots so the riders are aiming to these awards as well. So it will be an exciting race that is a must watch.

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