How To Properly Maintain And Take Care Of Your Electric Scooter

Scooters have evolved from what the cool kids used to ride in school to an efficient and safe way of traveling short-distance. The introduction of electric scooters over the last decade has changed the way the masses view the product, from a kid’s toy to an affordable means of transport. Since the scooter’s popularity has increased in recent years, there is also the need to explore how to maintain it.


The tire of your electric scooter is critical, and just like you regularly check the tires of your cars, bicycles, and other moving objects with tires – your electric scooter is not an exception. We advise you to check the tires frequently for wear and tear because an electric scooter’s rubber is thinner than a car’s tire. You should also make sure that the tire pressure is appropriate. If the tire pressure is too low or high, it will cause the battery to run out faster, the rims will spoil quicker, and the ride will be uncomfortable.

To avoid this, you can use the tire gauge of a bicycle to make sure the tire pressure is within the desired range recommended by the manufacturer.


Most electric scooters use lithium batteries, which are much more efficient compared to their lead-acid counterpart of the past. To maximize the efficiency of the lithium battery, fully charge it when you first buy your electric scooter. Whenever you use the electric scooter, charge to full after allowing the scooter to cool down for some minutes. Lastly, make sure your battery doesn’t run down. If it does, it will reduce the battery life.

There comes a time when you will have to change your battery because the lifespan of a well-maintained battery is between 3-5 years. Sometimes you may have to change it more frequently because of your usage, making it more costly in the long run. If you change the battery often, maybe it’s time for a new ride.

As scooters are traditionally built with fixed features, the electric scooters available nowadays have been redesigned to provide ease to commuters. Developments were made in the battery as well, and you can learn more about them to help solve your battery problems. A battery is a key and the most expensive component in a scooter, and you may have to get an entirely new scooter instead of regularly replacing them.

Washing and Lubrication

You can use water and a rag to clean the surface area of the electric scooter. Squeeze the rag well to get rid of excess water before wiping your scooter. Start by cleaning the neatest part of the scooter to the dirtier side.

You should also regularly lubricate the moving parts of your scooter, like the chains and the wheels. Lubricating these parts will stop the accumulation of dirt and rust.

Maintaining an electric scooter is essential for you to enjoy it. Apart from your regular maintenance, make sure you book a routine check with a professional at least once a year. Doing this makes sure that a professional mechanic can detect the little things that go over your head. Still, you will have more instances that you’ll maintain yourself, and for that, we hope that this article has been informative to you.

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