How do you put beads on a dirt bike tire?

How do you put beads on a dirt bike tire

What are the tricks to how do you put beads on a dirt bike tire? While the majority of tire technicians will be able to get beads on a tire on their first try, it takes a little practice. The best way to learn how to put beads on a tire is to find someone who is able to teach you on the spot and with no appointment necessary. There are a number of professional shops out there that offer classes for those who are willing to spend the time and money.

If you are wanting to do it yourself, however, you will need a few things before getting started including two tire irons/crowbars, tire lube, a towel or small rug to cushion the tire, and a lot of patience. To start, you need to start by using a soft surface to protect the brake rotor and sprocket. You want to be careful not to break or bend the rotor and sprocket as this could jeopardize the entire wheel.

  • Start by removing the valve chord and letting air out of the tire. (Remove any nuts or coverings from the valve stem at this time)
  • Make sure the bead lock isn’t pressing up against the bead, and then press against the sidewall of the tire. This will put the tire bead in the drop center of the rim.
  • Work your way around the tire on both sides pushing the tire away from the rim lip. You may want to use tire lube to make it easier. (Apply lube generously outside the bead around the perimeter of the tire)
  • Using a tire iron, pull the tire bead over the rim lip. Push down on the opposite side of the tire while pressing down on the iron to loosen up the tire to help the removal process along. With the space made from the first tire iron, insert a second tire iron and begin prying with that one. Now that you are prying with both irons, pry the tire bead over the rim lip. Work your way around the tire removing small sections of the bead. You will have difficulty at first if you try to remove too much of the bead at one time.
  • When you are able to get one bead off of the rim, remove the tube from inside the dirt bike tire. With the tube out, you will then be able to remove the bead lock. Once this is accomplished, use the same procedure as above with your tire irons to remove the inner bead. When half of the inner bead is removed, there should be enough separation to remove the rest of the tire by hand.


  • Once you have the tire removed, you will then be able to install a new dirt bike tire bead. As long as you buy the correct size, you shouldn’t have much difficulty installing the bead as it should slide right into place on the inner portion of your tire.
  • Start by inserting both of your tire irons on opposite sides of the rotor where the bead meets the rim to place the tire on to the rotor. A helpful tip here is to hold one iron stationary and use the other to shimmy the bead inside the opposite lip.
  • Now make sure your rim band covers all of your spoke nipples, and the hole lines up where the rim goes through. You will now be able to install the bead lock. It goes directly under the rim band.
  • With the bead lock in place, install the nut onto the nozzle a couple of turns. Don’t tighten it up all the way at this time. Before inserting your old tire tube, make sure there aren’t any leaks before installing it.
  • It’s helpful to install a nut on the stem to keep it in place while you are installing the tire. When you have the tube inserted inside the tire, use tire lube to help insert your bead thoroughly around the perimeter of the rim.
  • Use your tire irons just enough to bring the beads under the lip of the rim. It is extremely important to be careful and not to puncture your tube at this point in the process. Work your way around the rim while holding on to the center spoke of the tire for stability. Once the bead is fully installed, the bead lock should be moving freely inside of the tire.

How do you pump up a dirt bike tire?

After you have re-installed the valve chord, the next step is to air the tire up. You should check the tire sidewall for the recommended seating pressure.

If you need more than one bead in your tire, you can choose to use an air or pump that will hold more than two beads. In some cases, a single or double bead may be used on your tires, depending on the type of tire. There are also various other styles of pumps that allow you to fill your tires. There are some that will operate on a chain, while others are operated on a cord. Before choosing which type of pump to buy, you should make sure that you know how to use it before you install it.

You will find that a tire valve is a great tool for anyone who wants to make sure that their tires are always in top condition. The first step in maintaining your tires is to ensure that you have the right tire valves on your bike. These are the first things that you should replace when your tires start to show signs of wear and tear.

Do you need a rim lock on a dirt bike tire?

You’ve probably heard the term “Rim Lock” before but have you ever really thought about what it actually means? The term is actually used to refer to a locking system that is attached to the frame of your dirt bike. This will secure the bike in place with only one side being able to move – either forward or backward. Basically, if you turn your handlebars while riding, the wheel you are currently leaning on will come off so the bike will stay put.

Now, when talking about bikes, many people think that the wheels are the only thing that can move. When you’re riding, it’s important that you don’t want to risk losing control of your bike because there is nothing worse than falling off your bike.

So, why do you need one? Well, the main reason is that many people that are riding these days prefer them over standard wheel locks because they are much easier to install. If you ever find yourself in this situation, remember that using a rim lock on a dirt bike will help keep your bike safe and secure.

How can you tell if a bead is seated?

One of the easiest ways to tell if the bead is seated properly is to observe the wheel spin freely. You can examine this after installation, or situate the tire on a wheel stand in a free-hanging position so that it can spin. If the tire appears to be wobbling or spin off-axis, there’s a chance your bead isn’t seated correctly. You can also run your finger along the rim of the rotor for any gaps or inconsistencies to be sure.

To begin seating the bead correctly:

  • Start by loosening the rim lock nut.
  • Deflate the inner tube to let some of the air out of the tire.
  • Push the bead into the rim. With less air in the tire, you will be able to ensure the bead is fully inserted inside the lip of the rim. Be sure that you do this on both sides of the tire.
  • Inflate the tube until the bead pops on the rim. To seat the bead, you may need to put up to 40 PSI into the inner tube. You may also need to deflate and inflate the inner tube several times to seat the bead properly.
  • Once this is done, deflate the inner tube, and then re-inflate it to 12-14 PSI. This will give you a little more room to work with.
  • Go around the perimeter of the bead and ensure that it is thoroughly tucked into the lip of the rim on both sides. It is important that you focus equal attention on both sides of the tire to make sure you haven’t missed anything.
  • Take a few steps back and let the tire spin freely and observe the rotation path. If the tire is still not spinning correctly, repeat the steps above to make sure it is seating properly. Evaluating whether or not your tire is seated properly is extremely important in a dirt bike tire’s longevity and your overall experience as a rider.

Though the process can be a bit time consuming, it is rewarding in the end if you take your time and make sure the job is done correctly.

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