The lineup of Honda’s off-road bikes for the year 2019 has been updated with the addition of the two brand new and three updated CRF off road sport models. The two new bikes are the enduro (or cross-country model as Honda has it) CRF250RX as well as a dual-purpose, fully road-legal CRF450L.

With a “stronger shot” of top-end power and torque envelops the CRF450R MX machine as well as its partner the CRF450RX while on the other hand, the CRF250R was given upgrades in performance with just a year prior to its release that is centered on focusing its bottom-end torque for an improved drive out of slower speed corners.

Following the launch of the re-vamp CRF250R the prior year, it was anticipated that the new CRF250RX will eventually be shown. The 250RX completes Honda’s off-road range of 250/450, four-stroke models. With the CRF450RX as its image, a new machine was fitted into the CRF250R along with modification of an 18-inch rear wheel, 8.5litre tank and softer suspension that adjust it for its position as the perfect closed course cross-country machine. Some of the upgrades of the CRF250R includes: bottom and mid-range torque output gets a major boost thanks to 2mm smaller throttle body, plus revised cam intake and exhaust profiles. A new front brake caliper, Renthal Fatbars and black rims was added into the 250RX.


New for 2019 (as with the CRF250R) the 250RX gets HRC’s launch control system giving riders the selection for a strong start through three modes that they can choose from:

  • Level 3 – 8,250rpm, muddy conditions/beginner
  • Level 2 – 8,500rpm, dry conditions/basic
  • Level 1 – 9,500rpm, dry conditions/expert


The dual-sport CRF450L  is based on the CRF450R MX. As Honda says, “new dual-purpose motorcycle has a tough, lightweight chassis built to find all the available grip, powered by an engine that delivers strong, usable power right from the bottom.”

Honda has twisted the 450, four stroke motor to make it sturdier through high quality parts as well as longer service intervals – with a first major service at 32,000km. It’s more user-friendly stance presents impressive things for the off-road hobby rider. It will be street-legal and complete with sidestand, an increased in the volume of the fuel tank and lit with complete LED lighting.

The CRF450RX had its upgrades mainly on its engine and was given a major boost of top-end power and torque with 2.4hp more power and 2Nm (1.5ft-lb) more torque bringing stronger power release throughout the rev-range credit to an altered cylinder head, intake and exhaust. Still intact is the three-level HRC launch control as well as the mapping switch. Although still having an 18-inch rear wheel and 8.5-litre fuel tank, the 2019 framework has now a “revised rigidity balance”, latest suspension settings, in addition to a Renthal Fat Bar handlebar with 4-way adjustability along with new black rims.


Also obtaining a major improvement in performance is the CRF450R. With a 2Nm more torque and 1.8kW more power in addition to a stronger power release during the rev range thanks to a revised cylinder head, intake and exhaust. And like the three presented riding models, the CRF450R also gets three-level HRC launch control and upgrades for added durability. The frame shows an improved suspension situation, redesigned front brake caliper, detailed weight-saving updates (shaving 0.9kg) as well as Renthal Fat Bar handlebar which sit on top of a new top yoke adjustable for four positions.

Having a variety of new performance, effectiveness and aesthetic updates just a year following a full model change is the CRF250R. With credits to the 2mm smaller throttle body, and revised cam, intake and exhaust profiles, the bottom and mid-range torque output gets a key upgrade. Just like the 450s, the CRF250R also obtained three-level HRC launch control to have an option of three riding modes. A new twin-piston front brake caliper, a modifiable Renthal Fatbars, along with black rims that completes the said upgrades.

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