In a length of 48-kilometre long, three-lap Campoo Xtreme race, Spanish Hixpania Hard Enduro’s day two was completely taken over by storm by Sherco´s Mario Roman. He dominated the entirety of the race with Jonny Walker and Alfredo Gomez both in second and third place.

The day two of the race was composed of a mixture of technical riding and fast sections. As for the 48-km loop, it has to be ridden for three times, allowing for some quite page turner opportunities for the riders. At 9am, the race has started with a holeshot being taken by Gomez, but it wasn’t him who had the lead at the beginning. Husqvarna pairing of Graham Jarvis and Billy Bolt led the riders throughout the difficult lakeside boulders. The lead positions for Jarvis and Bolt didn’t last long as there were eager top riders behind them, and the changed of lead continued through the entirety of lap one.

At some point, Beta´s Pol Tarres got the upper hand during lap 2 and took the lead but Roman is very determined to take the leading spot. Racing to the lead, he pushed hard to breakaway. Walker tried to outmaneuver Roman’s rush but failed thus settling in the second spot. Roman kept his cool until lap three where eventually he was hailed the champion.

Roman expressed his gratitude at his work for this day in an interview.

“I am very happy with my performance today,” said Roman. “When I took the lead I started pushing hard and by the end of lap two I had a good gap on Jonny and Alfredo.”

“I continued to push hard during the third lap and was able to come away with the win.

“I´m looking forward to tomorrow, it will be a completely different race, but I’ll do my best and I hope I can get the overall victory.”

For Walker, the battle is still on.

“Mario was on it today”, told Walker. “He didn´t hold back on the final lap.

“With yesterday´s win in the prologue and second today, I´m leading the overall with Mario, so it´s game on for tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Gomez had his few mistakes during the race.

“I had a great start and I was first heading into the forest,” confirmed Gomez. “But the race was very fast and making mistakes was not permitted.

“I made a mistake near the end of lap one. I tried to push to get back to the top spot but because of the speed of the race I couldn’t make it.”

The fast sections and the perfect grip in the technical ones resulted in a nightmare for riders to choose the right tyres.

One rider who had trouble with his moose was Bolt, this incident resulted in an extended pitstop on lap two to replace it. He then continued the race and settled in the fifth.

“I was doing great but between lap one and two my moose and tyre were completely destroyed,” told Bolt.

“I slowed down until I got to the service point and then managed to replace it before continuing on.

“For the last lap I put on a hard moose and a hard tyre and it seemed to work better” said Billy Bolt.



Sunday is the final day of Hixpania with the Camino Perdido race. The top 50 riders from Knight (Pro) class, plus top five from Archers and Squires categories will have to participate in a 2 hour and 30 minute long extreme race. But with the addition of rain being in forecast, it will surely stir up the things at Hixpania.

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