Forging his way through the staggering two-and-a-half-hour main race, Graham Jarvis had won his fifth Pro class victory at The Tough One, in Great Britain. As one of the crowd’s favorite, Jarvis proved once again that he is a force to be reckoned with. Aboard his Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing FE 250, he roared and went all out of the race and eventually reaching the finish line with an eight minute margin over his closest challenger.

“It’s always nice to get a win at The Tough One,” said Jarvis. “But it’s always difficult here, and this year it was really slippery. But I felt good and the little 250cc four-stroke was great.

“I had a steady start, as I always do, and just built my speed as the laps went by. I found some good lines and kept pushing. I didn’t need to stop for fuel so the two-and-a-half hours with no break was tough.”

With the Pro class competitors starting behind the Expert class racers, Jarvis went for a steady pace during the first two laps of the race aiming for the lead. As soon as he got the lead position from the rest, he went and roared with the intention of not giving up his spot. He was unrivaled at this point of the race.

Opening up a significant gain above the South African Travis Teasdale, as he begin the second hour of racing Jarvis demonstrated his ability handling  the slippery circumstances and edged further to the front.

Jarvis opted to not halt and refuel for the duration of the race; he kept his pace throughout the concluding hour of the race. He was the one out of the three riders to complete the 11 laps. Travis Teasdale claimed the second place.

Results – The Tough One 2018
1. Graham Jarvis (Husq) 11 laps
2. Travis Teasdale (Beta) 11 laps
3. David Knight (Gas Gas) 11 laps
4. Jonathan Richardson (Beta) 10 laps
5. James Dent (Sherco) 9 laps


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