Graham Jarvis Wins Hell’s Gate Extreme Enduro 2017!

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Husqvarna Racing Team’s Graham Jarvis has bought himself a page of the history of Hell’s Gate Metzeler by winning 5 out of 14 Hell’s Gate Enduro. Jarvis who wore the Hell’s Gate Crown from 2011 to 2014, won it back today.

“In the main race I got a good start but dropped behind Wade Young, who was running a really strong pace,” told Jarvis. “He had some kind of a problem then, which allowed me to get ahead. 

“I just kept a steady pace going then and things worked out great. There was a lot more man-made sections this year, which isn’t really my things. But to get a fifth Hell’s Gate win is great.” 

  • Graham Jarvis claims his fifth Hell’s Gate victory
  • He has the most wins ever at the Italian il Ciocco venue
  • Early leader Wade Young suffered tyre trouble dropping to third.
  • It was the 14th edition of Hell’s Gate


As it is the 14th edition of the Hell’s Gate Enduro, the race ran for 14 laps. After grueling yet epic battle, Jarvis came on to the top to snatch the top podium of the night.

The pride of Husqvarna racing team has made his 5th mark off the records of Hell’s Gate.

It was not a race for granted, not even the “revenge” of Jarvis at the expense of the South African, Wade Young, who had won last year’s edition. It was an excellent comparison between two recognised champions with an enormous talent. 

Jarvis also commented on a large part of the track are man-made which was as he said, “not really my thing.” However, ran strong up to the finish.

Wade Young finished his second Hell’s gate competition at 3rd place, as he was overtaken by his fellow South African, Travis Teasdale, who debuted today on his first Hell’s gate.


Young didn’t get all the luck he needed today. As he was maintaining a good lead over Jarvis and the others, had his rear tire collapsing forcing him to go to a pit stop losing a lot of time and the lead. Young’s pit stop turned the wheel for Jarvis as he rode strong until the very end.

With Young pitted at mid distance, Jarvis jumped up to the first place, bringing behind him Teasdale and Roman. Young managed to climb back up to third place, albeit about a minute from Teasdale, in second position.

Graham Jarvis wins Hell’s Gate 2017

The final result standings:

  1. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna)
  2. Travis Teasdale (KTM)
  3. Wade Young (Sherco)
  4. Mario Roman (Sherco)


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