A rookie won the second round of the WORCS championship held in Preoria, Arizona. The American rider, Giacomo Redondi proved that it isn’t all about the experience but also the skills within and the determination to win is the key to the top of the podium. Regardless of him hitting a cactus at some point in the final lap, he quickly stood up and revved again eventually winning the round. Right behind him in second place was Gary Sutherlin and Dante Oliveira in third place.

The track of Preoria is a combination of Canyon’s motocross track which includes – tabletops, step-ups, doubles, and triples—in the midst of a rocky and cactus-filled desert off-road sector. The said place is situated alongside a dry river bed as a result, there were rocks scattered into the track ranging from small pebbles up to boulder mass rocks. With these obstacles ahead of the riders, it added an extra challenge to them for as much as a single mistake could send them falling of their bikes. Bulky saguaro cacti which are native to the area also added not only to the scenic view but as distractions and obstacles as well. The organizers of the event in addition added a sand wash segment as well as a number of single track racing for the motorcycle competition.

Oliveira took the holeshot and eventually the lead spot however before long, he crashed. This is in the Pro Class. Following the crash of Oliveira, Sutherlin took the lead and managed to hold on to it for 2 laps but was overtaken by Redoni. Sutherlin again roared ahead on the final lap but fell short. Redondi and his Red Bull KTM won his initial WORCS triumph.

“With two laps to go I hit a cactus so I was happy to finish,” told Redondi. “I had a problem with the bike in Vegas, so I’m really happy about this win and I’m looking forward to the next round. I was sorry to see that Taylor Robert wasn’t racing today. I hope he comes back, so I can race with him.”



Regardless of the 11th-place launch, Sutherlin completed it the entire way up to the second on the first lap. Despite the fact that he had difficulty pronouncing his name on top of the podium, Sutherlin gave acknowledgements to Redondi for an exceptional race.

Oliveira led his foremost Pro laps in the race. The 2017 Pro 2 Champion had a very smooth start until sliding his front end into a turn and tipping over. He was in high spirits to pull through and achieve his first Pro podium. Truly an exceptional skill.

In the Pro 2 Class, Trystan Hart made his second-ever WORCS start into his first Pro 2 success. Being a consistent in the Hare and Hound competition, Hart is gaining all the experience he can in this event in preparation for the forthcoming season. In second place was Noah Kepple with his GasGas and third was Mitch Anderson.

“I got a good start, started inching away early and I managed to win,” Hart told. “The start was out of nowhere. Luckily I got a good jump from the outside. I basically just battled with some of the Pros and that was pretty fun. My weakness is going fast, and WORCS is fast. So I’m working on my weaknesses right now.”

For the second time in a row, Spenser Wilton made it sure to keep his rein intact in the Pro 2 Lights class. The racer beat Robby Schott and Kyle Hutcheson in the top spot of the podium.

A broken left arm and wrist injuries during a crash the Tuesday prior to the race got Taylor Robert on the watch and prevented him to race temporarily. Presently, Roberts is consulting with the doctors to evaluate the severity of his injuries.

The Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS Series obtainable by Toyota and Dirt Bike will come back to battle at a motorcycle-only event March 23-25 at the Crazy Horse Campground within Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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