In E1 Jeremy Tarroux and Julien Gauthier shared wins. Mathias Bellino and Loic Larrieu traded victories in E2 and Christophe Nambotin scored an impressive double in the E3.


E1 class:

Julien Gauthier arrived stronger on day two after a poor opening day on Saturday. With fast times all day he was a clear winner in the end and hauled back into contention ithe championship. Day one winner ahead of Jeremy Tarroux was second and retains the lead of the provisional standings.

Behind Tarroux, Jérémy Joly lost any chance of victory after a fall in the first stage of the day. Instead it was Thomas Dubost who took his first Elite podium, after passing Jeremy Miroir on the last lap.




E1 Championship standings:

  1. Jeremy Tarroux – 37 Pts
  2. Julien Gauthier – 31 Pts
  3. Jeremy Mirror – 28 Pts

E2 Class:

Mathias Bellino has a big smile on his face winning on his return to racing after eight months out and arriving with a new team and new bike. His last victory in the French championship was in July 2017.

Loïc Larrieu took second place on the day after sealing the win on day one. The two leave Priva with equal points at the top of the championship.

Like yesterday, Antoine Basset had a consistent day and brought himself a podium, helping Gas Gas to the team award in the process.



E2 Championship standings:

  1. Mathias Bellino – 37 Pts
  2. Loïc Larrieu – 37 Pts
  3. Antoine Basset – 30 Pts


E3 Class:

It was a full points haul for Christophe Nambotin back on a Gas Gas in the E3 category.

Nambo clocked up the fastest times of the entire Elite pack and leaves the opening round of the French series with the championship lead.

It’ll bring a confidence boost for Nambotin heading to the next round of the EnduroGP World Championship – April 28-29. Anthony Geslin took second place ahead Romain Dumontier.


2018 French Enduro Championship Nambotin Enduro21 560


E3 Championship standings:

  1. Christophe Nambotin – 40 Pts
  2. Anthony Geslin- 34 Pts
  3. Romain Dumontier – 30 Pts




In the Junior E1 category Theo Espinasse dominated but was the victim of a mechanical that ended his hopes of a double. His abandonment helped Antoine Magain win the day and at the same time take the lead of the championship.

E1 Junior Championship Ranking

  1. Antoine Magain – 37 Pts
  2. Jean-Baptiste Nicolot – 28 Pts
  3. Maxime Sot – 28 Pts

In the E2 Juniors, the aborted battle on day one between Hugo Blanjoue and Léo LeQuéré after LeQuéré had to retire, came back strong on day two in Privas.

LeQuéré took the lead in the first test and held it until the second special stage of the last lap when he lost 10 seconds and the lead to Blanjoue, who won by two seconds.

That gave Blanjoue a double win and a comfortable position at the top of the championship.

Junior E2 Championship Ranking

  1. Hugo Blanjoue – 40 Pts
  2. Till Declercq – 30 Pts
  3. Jimmy Chevalard – 27 Pts

In Junior E3 David Abgrall was on looking strong until Valerian Debaud had an outstanding final half and took the win. The pair now share the championship points lead.

Junior E3 Championship Ranking

  1. Valerian Debaud – 37 Pts
  2. David Abgrall – 37 Pts
  3. Xavier Flick – 28 Pts

Women’s Class:

No change of podium in the women’s category for the two days racing in Priva. Justine Martel achieved the perfect weekend with a double. Juliette Berrez challenged on day one but on day two the gaps were greater and Martel finished nearly a minute clear. Berrez is second from Elodie Chaplot in third.

Women’s Championship:

  1. Justine Martel – 40 Pts
  2. Juliette Berrez- 34 Pts
  3. Elodie Chaplot – 30 Pts

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