The SmartCarb is “the most advanced mechanical fuel system available today for off road and racing motorcycles” say Technology Elevated, manufactures of the SmartCarb. It is a bold claim but in a world increasingly conscious of emissions and pollution where two-stroke off-road bikes are under the cosh, don’t we need this kind of technology to keep us going?

Literally a smarter carburettor – the SmartCarb is modern flat slide, single circuit, metering rod style carburettor. Effectively a replacement for your stock carburettor which the manufacturer claims significantly significantly out performs a regular carburettor: 30% better fuel consumption, 10% more power and 50% better emissions.

The technical bit…

The patented, single circuit design uses a metering rod for fuel delivery, a variable shape venturi, and internal venting to drive fuel flow proportional to changes in air density. Effectively that means it delivers fuel dependent on throttle opening but also altitude, temperature, or even boost.

Manufacturers, Technology Elevated, claim these features work together to provide extremely fine fuel atomization – smaller fuel droplets increase the burnable surface area of the fuel in the mixture.

In turn, that means more a powerful and “complete” combustion which increases horsepower (by a claimed 10% or more) and reduces fuel consumption (by a claimed 30% on average). A major knock-on effect of that is a reduction of emissions by up to 50% and has been EPA certified, twice.

A big bonus with the SmartCarb is the lack of maintenance needed. Any adjustments are made externally, quickly by hand, as because there are no jets to change you don’t need tools or to get inside the carb at all – so now more jetting changes to suit weather and altitude.

There’s also no fuel spillage through overflow pipes as you so commonly find with conventional carburetors.

Ease of use

Though clearly a complex design, from a user point of view the SmartCarb appears to be incredibly simple to operate and maintain. There are only two adjustments, and both can be made by hand: the clicker adjuster on top lets you adjust the fuel flow and an idle screw on the side changes rpm.

Notable competitive successes include:

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – two world records, three first-place finishes, six top 10 finishes

British Extreme Enduro Championship – first in class

Edge Offroad Enduro Championship – first in class

Red Bull Romaniacs second place in Iron Class

Three world records in NSSC Drag Scooters

UAV 50cc altitude record at 22,000 feet

50cc Australian land speed record

“My bike ran fantastic all week from down on the beach up to the top of the mountain. The elevation changes didn’t affect the SmartCarb one bit. It was crap that I broke 2 ribs 25 minutes into the mountain race but aside from that I’m really happy with how the bike performed.” Joe Deakin, Sea to Sky 2019.

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