The first ever Chinese two-stroke enduro bike has been released. The GPX Moto TSE250R is labeled as the “the most affordable and highest performance two-stroke in its class”. Valuing at a price of $5600, is without doubt a competitive price. US importers, PitsterPro, are saying “simple and reliable performance,” with the TSE250R.

The said bike despite being the most affordable in its kind isn’t falling behind either on its specs and performance abilities. It is equipped with a six-speed transmission and bottom mounted electric start, a bike readily made for enduro. By means of an electronically controlled power valve and oil injection system, the TSE didn’t originated on the old WR200 as most of the people thought, but it appears that it is based on Yamaha’s DT230 Lanza. It seems that the producer made efforts to buy the entire Yamaha production line of engines to eventually perfect and assemble the TSE250R. The bike is by now on sale within Russia and other territories.

Other information concerning the GPX Moto TSE250R:

  • HD aluminium Enduro X Series wheels
  • Folding clutch and brake levers
  • Billet CNC hubs and spoke nipples
  • Rebound, compression adjustment suspension front and rear
  • Head light and tail light kit & racing number plate included
  • 250cc two-stroke engine, electric start, oil injection
  • Skid plate with linkage guard
  • Handguards
  • Six-speed wide-ratio transmission
  • CNC triple clamps and footpegs
  • Lightweight central backbone “A” box frame
  • Frame guards and 3M Heavy duty graphics

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