The series of this year’s European Championship will go right down to the wire as the top five contenders will compete for the crown in this deciding final round of the series. One wrong move can be an advantage to another. Italy’s finest Alessandro Battig and Junio Hugro Blanjoue from France are separated by just four points in overall statistical points. Twenty points will be played in each day for this event at Poland.

Sanna Kärkkäinen holds a lopsided lead in the womens class heading by twenty-nine points to Nina Klink and Hanna Berzelius. With a total of fourteen different nations and more than one hundred fifty riders competing for the last round of 2018, local riders bids on a home advantage for motivation and playing tough in front of their friends and families. Poland’s homegrown hero, Sebastian Krywult, will look to secure the top spot in senior class in front of his fans. The last two days of the event adds up with classic enduro competition before a final motocross test.


The first day will be a four lap circuit with motocross and enduro test in every lap. One lap is estimated to be fifty kilometres long. As the last enduro event in Poland was held in 2011, now Kielce regains its popularity to enduro events with its distinctive style of formats and extreme challenges that everyone can’t wait to witness.

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