The EnduroGP 2018 will begin this weekend by way of the ‘Päitsi’ Enduro at Lake Päijänne in Finland. The race will compose of a grueling 20 hours long and all the 250 contestants will have a total of 2 days of intense race around Finnish surroundings for the opening round of the 2018 season.

Some things to look forward to are the 11hours 30mins racing and 16 different special tests taking place on Saturday only, as well as two night tests. Also, seven hours 30mins and 12 unique tests to pursue scheduled on Sunday, previous to the riders arrival at the finish line within Helsinki.

In addition to these long hours of racing, the riders must also withstand the forces of natures particular in the venue like freezing conditions and culminating in crossing the frozen Lake Päijänne on its northern shore. It is to be expected that this year’s event is gonna be tough because of the harsh winter that falled in Finland. Snow and low temperature will definitely the roadblocks of the contestants.

Holcombe Ready To Defend His Crown

The comeback of the Enduro 1, Enduro 2 and Enduro 3 class format for the Grand Prix of Finland is anticipated. Just like in 2016, there will also be a scratch or overall EnduroGP class title to aspire for. Steve Holcombe, the 2016 and 2017 EnduroGP World Champion is up to the challenge of defending his title from all his opponents in this year’s race. Also, he is eyeing his sight for the E3 title.

Steve Holcombe had already taken his time practicing for a few weeks already in the winter environment in preparation for the upcoming race. He may be the crowd favorite and a lot may think that he can keep his title this year but there will be other riders willing and driven to take it from him.

Christophe Nambotin is returning along with his Gas Gas and has affirmed that it will be the E3 title or nothing. Riding in the similar team is Danny McCanney who is also an early favorite in the E3 class and the Brit, similar to his French colleague, will without doubt have a shot at the EnduroGP title.

In the E2 class, a great number of riders are skilled of getting the EnduroGP title. The 2017 Vice-Champion, Loïc Larrieu and the very first EnduroGP Champion in history, Matthew Phillips are among the names that are well spoken that will surely be a game shaker.

The winner of the Päitsi in 2017, Eero Remes is also revved up to win the class and overall titles. He will take advantage of his home GP in order to climb up on the championship standings.

Not to be forgotten, the talented rookie in 2017’s season Christophe Charlier who is up for all the challenges in his way. Alex Salvini is returning along with Franco Mayr in his JET Racing team, and aiming to demonstrate that he still has each and every one of the traits to be hailed as the champion.

Britain’s Jamie McCanney and Brad Freeman along with Italy’s Davide Guarneri will be battling it all out in the E1 for the sole winner spot. Eemil Pohjola who was particularly leading in the Junior class at Päijänne 2017, go ahead the E1 charge following Round 1.

There are also many local riders that will be present to the EnduroGP regulars is a strong one: former World Enduro rider Marko Tarkkala is prepared to take pleasure in the taste of victory plus Aleksi Jukola, Jussi Arvaja and Henry Olenius could also prove to be a real page turners on the race.

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