Easy Tips to Choose Helmets and Footwear for Motorcycle Sports

Motorcycling is dangerous to the health or even the life of the athlete. High speeds, the immense strain on the body, and the impressive weight of the motorcycle – all this leads to injuries. However, like with other activities that may seem harmful, you can decrease your risks. For example, gambling can be a choice of a safe online casino instead of a platform with no license. And with motorcycling, it can be a purchase of professional equipment, helmets and footwear are the most essential here. 

Equipment Requirements 

Every piece of motorcycle equipment has two basic needs:

  • Protect the body and head of the motorcyclist from injury (scratches, bruises, fractures) not only in a fall or collision, but also during the race.
  • Be comfortable and do not interfere with active control and maneuvering.

Since different disciplines imply different conditions for the athlete, his protective suit also adjusts to them. Motorcycle safety kit almost always consists of a standard set of elements.


Head protection is an extremely important element of the equipment, since the head, face and, especially, lower jaw account for about 70% of all serious injuries.

A modern helmet is a rather complex and very well thought-out product. It consists of two layers, each of which has its own meaning:

  • The outer one takes the impact, and is responsible for aerodynamics. It is made of various types of plastic, a lightweight but durable material.
  • The inner soft insert is needed for effective shock absorption and comfortable wearing of the helmet. The inner part is made of molded polystyrene covered with fabric.

The helmet is also equipped with a strap with a buckle that allows it to fit tightly on the head. Most helmets are also equipped with a visor. In the case of professional sports, visors may have various improvements, such as anti-fogging protection, increased scratch resistance, anti-reflective coating and others.


Shoes for road and cross-country disciplines are high, covering the ankle and shin. Underneath the high, tight shin protection is a soft cushioning.

MotoGP shoes are originally designed to fit on a motorcycle and provide reliable protection against friction on the asphalt, so they are extremely uncomfortable to walk in. Cross shoes are slightly softer at the flex, as the rider has to constantly shift gears. To do this, by the way, on the instep of the foot, the material is reinforced with wear pads. And coatings are used exclusively synthetic because off-road riding is a dirty activity.

Another difference concerns the pads. Road racing shoes have a slider on the outside of the toe for safe contact with the road surface when entering a corner. Sliders wear out quickly, so the design of the boot implies that they are easy to replace.

Cross moto boots do not have a slider. Instead, there’s a strong steel padding, located in the center of the sole. It is necessary to protect against abrasion of the boot on the running boards and the ground.

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