Colored Dirt Bike Tires: How to Get Them

colored dirt bikes tires
colored dirt bikes tires

Colored Dirt Bike Tires – A dirt bike has plenty of features you can modify or adjust for comfort. But do you know that there are features you can personalize? One way you can personalize your dirt bike is with colored wheels. Colored dirt bike tires can refer to dirt bike tires with coloring on the outside or inside of the bike’s tires. While it is not a necessary feature for your dirt bike, it is one of the different ways you can get creative with it.

However, if you are still learning about your bike’s features, you may want to consider doing this once you’re more confident in handling the bike. Otherwise, there are several ways you can get dirt bike tires with color in them.

How to Get Colored Dirt Bike Tires

Like any other dirt bike features, there are several options for colored wheels. Not only can you choose from several colors, but you can also choose what part of the tire you want color in. If you want to get them, these are some options you can go for:

Purchasing Them on Ebay: Colored wheels are not a unique item and you can find several sellers online offering them. The only downside of this option is that you take the risk of ending up with a set of wrongly sized wheels.

Source Them Through RevZilla: If you’re looking for an online store/retailer that caters more to bike gear, RevZilla is where to go. They predominantly serve an MX crowd. Therefore, you’ll find a stock of colored rims and spokes for dirt bikes. While they have several items in stock, they usually have standard tires in stock rather than colored ones.

Search on Gumtree and Craigslist: Gumtree and Craigslist feature all kinds of miscellaneous items. Because of this, it’s highly likely you’ll find sellers with varying colorful dirt bike tires after having gotten them for novelty purposes.

Group-Buy Through Alibaba: This is the option for those that have an LLC or even a Sole Trader business structure. Alibaba is a great place for sourcing bulk items, however, it is not the place to order products. Rather, it is a place to get samples.

Go DIY: If buying colored wheels is too pricey for you, DIY is an option. All you need is some spray paint. You can even get bulk in different colors since you can easily revert the wheels back to basic black after a few days of constant riding. Be careful though, some spray paints can stain your existing graphics. This can lead to premature rust on your rims and spokes.

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Colored dirt bike tires may not be a necessary feature, but they can be fun. It is one of the different ways you can make your bike stand out. It is also one of the different ways you can get creative with your vehicle without compromising any other features. If you’re willing to search online and spend some money, there are different online retailers you can refer to, or if all else fails, you can go DIY. Either way, colored dirt bike tires can be a fun item to have.

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