After an unsatisfactory finish from round two, Cody Webb bounced back and wins it for Reno EnduroCross Championship rival. The FMF KTM’s rider finished the race ahead of Rockstar Husqvarna’s Colton Haaker, making their rivalry even more thrilled. The championship points are now tied at 73 led by both riders. Completing up the podium was Ty Tremaine on an Alta Redshift electric bike. With his 2nd runner-up finish, Tremaine set a record for a first-ever AMA professional podium for an electric powered motorcycle.

Race Highlights

Colton Haaker started the race beating out Cody Webb for the fastest hot lap time winning it in just a short lead. Kyle Remond set the third fastest time, finishing fourt was Trystan Hart, and Cooper Abbott completes the top five. Haaker continues his domination since round two but unfortunately, the Rockstar Husqvarna’s rider unintentionally forgot to pass on the No Joke Lane and missed out the opportunity to race on the main event. Noah Kepple moved up to win the first heat and added it up to his achievements.

Here are other riders who earned a spot in the main event; Kyle Redmond, Ty Cullins, Cristobal Guerrero, Cooper Abbott and Ryan Wells. (Arranged from second to sixth) Cody Webb took the win in the second pro heat race having no signs of slowing down. Tremaine. Dustin McCarthy, Geoff Aaron, Giacomo Redondi and Mason Ottersberg are all secured a spot to compete for the main event.

The top four riders from each heat races battled out in a head-to-head bracket style. The winner earns an advantage to get a first gate pick for the main event and a bonus point on the statistical rankings. With Colton unable to compete in the brackets, Webb’s took the opportunity to gain more point this time but Ty Tremaine managed to beat him in the final stage to win it off against the FMF KTM rider.

Cody Webb set fire on the race getting him back in point after having a mid-week practice and conditioning prior to the event that really paid him off very well. Cody Webb said: “With the injury earlier in the year, I was behind and trying to rely on talent and that wasn’t enough. So I spent all week with Trystan Hart, Cooper Abbott, and Cody Miller riding motos to get my intensity back and that helped. I hope Trystan is okay since he was riding so well, so it is a bummer to see him hurt his wrist or arm. And Reno was much better than last weekend.”

Second position finish wasn’t enough for Colton Haaker as his championship point lead is now tied with Webb after the third round. Colton Haaker said: “The mistake I made in the heat race (missing the No Joke Lane). It was easy tonight and I was so focused on the track that I just forgot to hit it. In the main, I got an okay start and got to second pretty quick and tried to close on Cody. He was so good in the Matrix and jumping into the rocks that he was putting a couple of seconds on me there. I think I was making up time on the rest of the track but not enough.”

On the other note, Ty Tremaine earned the last spot in the final podium in front of his family and friends and also, made an AMA history. Tremaine sets of a record for an electric motorcycle finishing out in the podium in the class of AMA professional race. Ty Tremaine said: “I didn’t get the best start so I took the ‘No Joke Lane’ right away, and then from there, I just started picking guys off one by one. I got into third and then rode my own race. We made history tonight with the Alta, which is crazy. And I did it with my entire family and hometown crowd here, which was so great.’’

2018 Reno, Nevada AMA EnduroCross main event results:

  1. Cody Webb, KTM
  2. Colton Haaker, Husqvarna
  3. Ty Tremaine, Alta
  4. Geoff Aaron, GasGas
  5. Kyle Redmond, Husqvarna
  6. Noah Kepple, GasGas
  7. Cristobal Guerrero, Yamaha
  8. Ty Cullins, Beta
  9. Benjamin Herrera, Beta
  10. Cooper Abbott, KTM
  11. Giacomo Redondi, KTM
  12. Dustin McCarthy, Yamaha
  13. Mason Ottersberg, Beta
  14. Ryan Wells, KTM

Other notable

The KTM rider Shelby Turner wins it for Women’s class division earning his second consecutive win. Kacy Martinez tries to pass Turner but finished second overall. Allie Dorsey completes the final spot in the podium.

In the Vet Class, Destry Abbott finished in top of the podium ahead of Craig Thompson, who finished second with his Husqvarna and Dan Hakayawa finished third completing the spot in the podium.

James Flynn wins it in the Open Amateur main event with his Gasgas. David Kamo and Anthony Johnson complete the remaining spots in the podium.

In the Amateur B main event, Dan Hayakawa earned his second podium of the event and wins it first overall in the class. Cole Wilton finishes second and Jacob Kinkel finishes third.

Josh Mouzakis wins it on the TrialsCross main event. Coleman Johnson and Allie Stambaugh complete the spots in the podium.

The EnduroCross round four will be in Denver, Colorado on October 20.  See you!

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