BMX vs Dirt Jumper: Which one Should you choose

Bmx vs Dirt Jumper
Bmx vs Dirt Jumper

If you’re can’t get enough high jumps, tricks, and stunts on a bike, it can be hard to decide if you should use a BMX bike or dirt jumper bike. Both types of bikes have their pros and cons for specific stunts and riding styles, but sometimes the lines between the two can become blurred, and it can be challenging to choose which bike best suits your needs. Here are some questions and answers that can help you choose your personal favorite in the BMX vs Dirt Jumper battle and which bike will work best for you and your riding style.

What’s a dirt jumper bike?

A dirt jumper bike is similar to a mountain bike, but dirt jumpers have a robust and rigid frame, a low stand-over height to prevent the seat from hindering the rider while performing tricks and stunts, and tall handlebars. The wheels and frame on dirt jumpers are more hearty than cross-country mountain bikes, making them ideal for absorbing the shocks of high jumps and tricks. Also, dirt jumpers have a unique geometry designed to go from ground to air and back again smoothly and safely.

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What are Dirt Jump bikes good for?

When you look at a dirt jump bike’s design, you can see it looks like a cross between a hardtail mountain bike and a BMX bike. Dirt jumpers are good bikes for doing just what they’re designed for, which is performing aerial acrobatics, high jumps with kicks, tricks, and racing around pump tracks or flying high in the air at skate parks.

What is the best dirt jump bike for a beginner?

If you’re a beginner in the dirt jumping scene, you’ll want a good quality bike that will be able to withstand the frequent spills and falls that will undoubtedly occur while you’re learning the ins and outs of jumping, tricks, and landings.

The DMR Sect, Marin Alcatraz, and the NS Metropolis 3 are excellent dirt jumping bikes for beginners, but they can be expwensive. Choose a well-made brand that suits your height (26-inch wheel for most riders) and comfort level. You can purchase less expensive dirt jumpers online for under $400 if you’re on a budget. Beginners should also consider buying used, but you should not buy a used dirt jumper that’s over three years old.

How do you ride a dirt jump bike?

Dirt jumpers are designed to be ridden on pump tracks, skateparks, and other dirt trails and tracks with a lot of hills, ruts, and jumps. Dirt Jumpers should be ridden fast to ensure you have enough speed to make high jumps while performing tricks while in the air. Once a jump bike rider gets up to speed, pedaling is often unnecessary while navigating the course.

Do dirt jump bikes have gears?

Most jump bikes use single-speed gears, but there are models with no gears. Since gears add weight to the bike and can hinder the rider while performing tricks, the number of gears and brakes is minimal.

Can you use a dirt jumper for downhill?

The short wheelbase, oversized handlebars, and steep head angle make using a dirt jumper for downhill a bad idea. While using a DJ for downhill can improve your riding skills, be prepared for a bumpy ride and a few spills along the way.

What’s a BMX bike

Bmx vs Dirt Jumper

BMX bikes are small bikes with a 20-inch tube across the frame. They are very lightweight yet very durable. BMX bikes have fewer parts than mountain or road bikes to keep them lightweight for racing, tricks, and stunts.

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Understaning the difference between a road bike and a BMX bike?

You don’t have to be a bike expert to see the difference between road and mountain bikes and BMX bikes. BMX bikes usually have a 20-inch long tube on their frames rather than the 45-inch tube you find on most road and mountain bikes. Also, BMX bikes are composed of alloys that make them strong and lightweight to handle the rigors of BMX racing. Also, BMX bikes only have one gear and a single brake

Uses of a BMX bike?

BMX bikes are good for short trips around the neighborhood or for kids to ride to and from school. However, BMX bikes are primarily designed for motocross racing, stunts, jumps, and tricks.

What is BMX?

The full meaning of BMX is bicycle motocross, which refers to racing on a human-made, cross-country track with obstacles and jumps

What age is a 20-inch BMX bike for, and can adults ride a 20-inch BMX bike?

A 20-inch BMX is suitable for both children and adults; however, taller adults may want to use a 22-inch or 24-inch model. For safety reasons, children under the ages of 7 or 8 should not use BMX bikes.

Choosing a good BMX bike for adults?

Choose a size that suits your height and is comfortable to ride. 20-inch models are suitable for most adults, but if you’re a taller person, choose a larger model such as a 22-inch. You should also select a brand that’s well-made. Don’t skimp on price. Quality brands such as Mongoose offer models to fit almost any budget.

Mongoose Leagion L500 Frestyle BMX bike line

This BMX bike is great for any adult, no matter if your a beginner or an advanced rider. The bike has a 20-inch wheel size, and it is suitable for rider over 5’8”.

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Choosing a good BMX bike for kids?

A quality 20-inch BMX bike is an excellent choice for kids. When choosing a BMX for kids, stick to well-made brands. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a kid’s BMX bike. Mongoose brand BMX bikes along with Huffy and Dynacraft offer affordable models for kids.

Mongoose Legion L20 freestye BMX
Mongoose Legion L20 freestye BMX

The Legion L20 is a stylish freestyle BMX bikes that offers everything a beginner rider need. This bike is perfect for rider who is between 4’8” – 5’4”.

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Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 BMX freestyle bike
Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 BMX freestyle bike

This BMX bike is great if you want a stylish BMX bike for your kids. It is a 24″” BMX freestyle bike with Tony Hawk finish and graphics

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Huffy BMX bike for kids
Huffy BMX bike for kids

This BMX bike is great for kids between 4 – 6 years old with a height of 42 – 28 inches. The brakes are simple to use, just pedal back to stop and it comes with safety wheels. You can choose from different colors and styles.

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Why BMX bikes are small

BMX bikes are small and lightweight for faster riding, quicker turns, and higher jumps, and easy handling while performing tricks and stunts.

Does tire size make a difference on a BMX-bike?

Larger tires can make a difference when it comes to speed, but they can make performing certain tricks more difficult. 24″ tires also perform well on dirt tracks while 20″ tires perform better on the smooth paved surfaces in skateparks. The tire and wheel size you choose should depend on what’s more comfortable for you and the riding surface.

Choosing When to use a 20″ or 24″ Wheel

24″ wheels will allow for higher jumps and greater speed while racing. 20″ wheels offer more control while racing around a track and give more control to the rider during sharp turns and short jumps. 20″ wheels are preferred by most riders and allow for greater control during tricks and stunts.

BMX vs Dirt Jumper: Which one suits you?

Bmx vs Dirt Jumper

Compared to a dirt jumper, BMX bikes are better suited for racing around tracks and performing ground tricks. In contrast, dirt jumpers are better suited for performing high-flying jumps with aerial acrobatics.

What’s the difference between BMX and dirt jump bike steering and handlebars?

Dirt jumpers have tall handlebars for better heights while jumping and more control while performing tricks while in the air. BMX bikes have short flat handlebars that offer the rider fast and quick turns, better control while performing tricks and stunts, and better balance for jumps and landings while racing.

Can you do dirt jumps on a BMX?

You can perform dirt jumps on a BMX, but you most likely won’t get the height you get with a dirt jumper. The geometric design of a dirt jumper means better riding speeds for higher jumps and better landings.

When is one bike better than the other?

A dirt jumper is a better option for riders who love performing high jumps and tricks while in mid-air. However, if you enjoy the high-octane rush of fast-paced racing around a dirt track filled with jumps and obstacles, a BMX bike is a better option.

When to ride a dirt jumper vs. BMX?

BMX bikes are better suited for skate parks and hard, compacted dirt tracks. The best places to ride a dirt jumper are on pump tracks or other tracks with high jumps, ruts, and rocky terrains best suited for dirt jumper bikes.

Can you do dirt jumps with a BMX?

Some riding enthusiast like to do dirt jumps on a BMX, not all dirt jumps are suitable for BMX bikes. A BMX bike won’t soar like a dirt jumper will, so making those long and high jumps will be much more difficult on a BMX bike on certain tracks. If you want to perform some serious dirt jumps, stick to a dirt jumper bike.

Why is BMX better on-road?

A BMX bike is better on roads than a dirt jumper due to its seating and handlebar design. However, BMX bikes are not ideal for extended trips or traveling on roads with many uphill climbs.

Is it a good idea to do BMX tricks on a mountain bike?

A mountain bike is not designed for the types of stunts and tricks you can do on a BMX bike. You may be able to perform a few BMX tricks on a mountain bike. The best way to master BMX tricks and stunts is on a BMX bike.

Is it a good idea to do mountain bike tricks on a BMX?

Mountain bikes are designed for riding on rough terrain in hills and mountains. While you may be able to master a few tricks on a mountain bike, you will be able to perform better stunts and tricks on a BMX bike because of its small size, handlebar design, steering capabilities, and lightweight.

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