How to: Bike cornering when standing and seated

Basic trail riding skills should be learned when one is planning to try or learn enduro riding. Or if you are actually considering joining a competition.

One of the most important skill you need to acquire is the cornering. If you don’t want to enroll into some actual riding lessons, then this might be a good alternative for you.

These are some helpful videos made by a famous Enduro rider Chris Birch.

Cornering when you’re standing on pegs

This is a lot easier if you compare it to cornering when you are seated. By standing, your knees and feet act like a suspension and you can easily lean over which way you want.

Everything you need to know about this type of cornering is all in this video.




cornering in motocross


Cornering when seated

The most important thing about this type of cornering is the correct positioning of feet, the elbows and the place where you should sit. All of these contribute to the balance of the bike cornering and the precision of the turn.

Learn more here:


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