Alfredo Gomez is Set To Use The First Nuclear-Energy Powered Bike In SuperEnduro GP 2017!

One of the top Extreme Enduro riders of the decade, Alfredo Gomez started the SuperEnduro GP opening last week on Albi, France with a dominant win over teammate Jonny Walker and Husqvarna’s

As things are going very good for the spaniard, he is also given the honor of bringing into the competition the World’s first Nuclear-powered dirtbike!

Revolutionizing the racing age

Developed in the last couple of years, the mini nuclear reactor to power up the machine of the bike. One of the notable names that has a first hand testing and machine experimenting is the Lifetime Achievement awardee Stephen Hawking. “I have tested the bike on track myself,” Hawking told DirtXtreme, “but we’re still on tuning of the suspension setup of the bike because it is quite heavier than the normal 300 EXC, though I think the power it has is way above the 300 2-stroke engine”.

Bill Gates also funded the organization of the team of scientists that developed the new technology was very happy of the success of the project. “My dream was to make transportation run by renewable energy, that dream became reality today!”, Gates said.

Alfredo Gomez, however, is very confident that results would be much better than the conventional bike he was using. “There are a lot of advantages out of it. No need to refill the tanks out of long Extreme enduro competitions, no by-products”, Gomez was telling, “We still are experience a few engine explosions, but the risks of explosions are going down to less than 3.5% per ride while using the same engine. Of course, I’m satisfied, you can’t expect better than this. This is the biggest that happened for dirt bikers since the invention of the wheel.””

Additional feature: Front drive chain

KTM hasn’t released any images of the new reactor engine for the bike. However, an unorthodox feature has been added on the bike Gomez is set to race– A front dive.

A 300 chassis with a front drive chain developed by Lawson

It is not the first time that a bike has been modified and developed to have a front wheel drive. The first versions had the combinations of axles and differentials to accommodate the front forks suspension. However, this time, the front forks are eliminated and replace with a swing-arm suspended with a mono-shock absorber. This is designed to accommodate the suspension travel without compromising the drive channel to the tires, a problem that the previous version weren’t able to solve.

Gomez racing with his old 300 EXC

Set to race

As experts and critics are skeptical to KTM’s new product, the new bike is gathering some positive responses from famous names in the Enduro world. Jonny Walker, Gomez’ teammate, expresses his envy and frustrations over the company’s decision over Gomez being the new face of the Nuclear bike. “Actually am disappointed about it, I have more flexibility and adaptability than Gomez,” Walker pronounced, “I’m not sure he’s the best choice they had.”

Husqvarna’s Graham Jarvis, though unsure of the power capacity, has urged Husqvarna to develop the same technology as the KTM did.

As the KTM is swarmed by both positive and negative criticisms over its new product, all of the racing industry cannot deny one thing. Today, we hit a new milestone on the age of the racing industry.

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