7 Innovative Ways to Customize Your Motorcycle

Would you like to make your motorcycle look unique and feel special every time you take it out for a ride? You can make several modifications to your bike to ensure it stands out from the crowd and performs well. Here are seven ways to customize your motorcycle.

1.   Under-glow lighting

There is no better way to add style and distinct touch to your bike than by having a motorcycle underglow installation. There are no limits to the colors you can pick to suit your taste, and always make a statement wherever you go, thanks to the multiple lighting options available. The quick installation of this lighting plus guaranteed longevity comes as an extra plus for your spruced-up motorcycle.

2.   Turn heads with a vinyl wrap or custom paint job

Vinyl wrap is the current craze in the automotive industry, and there is no reason not to use it to transform your motorcycle. The beauty of using these wraps is that you can easily get some of the most complex designs on your bike without having to break a bank. It gets better as once you get tired of a vinyl wrap, you can remove it and get back to your motorcycle’s original color. Alternatively, you could opt for a custom paint job that is exclusively tailored to suit your preferences.

3.   Go big with an aftermarket exhaust

A great way to make the look and sound of your motorcycle unique is by choosing to install an aftermarket exhaust. The right exhaust will further increase your engine’s power, and while it might not be enough to break the current electric motorcycle world record, it will give you the thrills you desire.

4.   Get wider tires

Your motorcycle will instantly look amazing when you go for wider tires that always have an appealing sporty touch. Nevertheless, you must always be careful when performing non-standard installation as not all tires will suit your bike’s model and size. To avoid unwanted risks, consult with an expert before installing wider tires on your motorcycle.

5.   Change the seats

A secret to enjoying life as a motorcyclist is to always focus on your comfort, and changing your seats is one way of achieving this. Say goodbye to your old seat by getting a stylish seat that suits your body frame and height to make even the longest rides bearable. 

6.   Ride better with custom footpegs

Swap out your old footpegs with custom models that suit your riding style and posture. The good news is that with so many aftermarket footpeg designs, you are guaranteed to find one that suits your riding position while improving the appearance of your cruiser motorcycle.

7.   Upgrade your sound system

Most motorcycles come with built-in sound systems, but they are never as good as you want them to be. Step up your game by upgrading your sound system for louder and clearer music, which is an extra reason not to miss those outdoor parties.


Customizing your motorcycle is an exciting way to ensure you always ride in comfort, and these cool options are guaranteed to make you distinctive.

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