5 Common Mistakes Beginners Do on a Dirt Bike

No Pain, No Gain. We have heard this saying ever since then. But for the life of a dirt bike rider, a lot of pains are experienced and endured. They stumble, fall over, crashed, slipped and a lot of other painful occurrences. We can never consider sports involving dirt bikes to be a hundred percent safe. Sooner or later, in some way, someone’s gonna be caught in an unexpected accident (though sometimes, intentional tricks are included by some riders). Even the best dirt bike riders have been through a lot of accidents before reaching the epitome of their career, and even pros do still get some sort of unexpected happenings. Some of it results to injuries. Accidents, like those mentioned above; begins on the beginner stage. That is why, as early as possible, it is better to learn all the necessary techniques and advices to be able to at least lessen the chance of a rider to be injured. Here are 5 examples of common mistakes dirt bike riders often commit and how to overcome them.


it is one of the most basic principles to consider in riding a dirt bike. That is why, if you know how to ride a bicycle, that is already an extra point in learning or mastering dirt bike. Unlike bicycle, dirt bike is a lot heavier, more complicated and faster. Being able to balance yourself, either sitting or standing, helps you to avoid falling off or stumbling on obstacle courses. But as beginners, it might be harder for you to balance while standing, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Body Positioning

This might be in unison with mastering balance. Being able to position your body to your bike and to your upcoming obstacle will certainly give you an edge in a game. For example, when cornering, taking jumps and hitting berms, body positioning in these cases are crucial to prevent fatigue and eventually, losing control off your bike. And just like balance, being able to synchronize your body to your bike takes practice and practice.

Throttle and Clutch Control

These two factors are very tricky indeed. You need to figure out when to let up or how far to roll the throttle. The same with the clutch. As beginners, it might be a little confusing at first but it will take many takes and practices to master the proper timing of the clutch and throttle. Practice with the throttle at different speeds, the clutch at different speeds and then both together. It might reduce your chance of having accidents just like everyone who thinks they have already figured it out.


It is very important to look in front instead of looking down. A common mistake of beginner riders is that they keep their vision fixated downward to avoid things that will cause as hindrance in the race, as if they’re about to hit something that will cause them to stumble and fall. Ironically, looking downward will more likely cause them to fall. Why? Because it prevents you from correctly adjusting your throttle and brake controls, balance and positioning. So to sum it up, heads up!


Dirt bike riding is not all about strength and speed. Sure, it does aid in winning the game but memory holds them together. When given the time to practice the track before the competition, make sure to familiarize and memorize the obstacles, the turns and every part of the race track. Having able to memorize the track, riding at full speed will be a lot easier and safer. Mental preparation is an important factor in every sport, either slow paced like chess or fast paced like dirt bike racing.


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