5 Best Reasons Why You Need to Get Insurance for Your Motorbike

We don’t need to tell you how thrilling riding a motorcycle is. The fluidity and freedom of riding a bike have made countless people fall in love with these vehicles from their first experience and seeing as you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them!

There are a lot of ways riding a motorcycle can put you in danger, and while a lot of the risks can be totally unpredictable, taking simple precautions like getting motorbike insurance will ensure that taking the bike out for a spin isn’t any more dangerous than it needs to be.

In today’s post, we’ll go over five of the top reasons why you need to get motorbike insurance and explore some of the key considerations you need to bear in mind when finding a policy that’s right for you.

It’s a Legal Requirement in Most States

The first and most obvious reason to get motorcycle insurance is that you’d usually be breaking the law without it! Unless you’re planning to ride exclusively in Michigan, Hawaii,  New Hampshire, or Montana you’ll be required by law to have liability insurance on your bike as a bare minimum, which will cover you at least some of the way for any damages that you’re found at fault for.

Although liability insurance won’t give you any cover for damages to your motorcycle (or your person) it will ensure you won’t have to pay for damages to other people’s property in accidents where you’re at fault. 

By and large, liability insurance is divided into two categories: bodily injury, and property damage. While bodily injury will help recover lost wages and medical bills for the other driver or rider, property damage insurance will pay for damages to another person’s property, such as their car or motorcycle, if you’re found to be at fault.

Now, even if you’re in one of the four states that doesn’t legally require liability insurance, it’s strongly recommended that you purchase some. Even when you’re sticking to quiet streets, accidents can happen when you least expect them, causing massive physical and financial injury to you and anyone else involved. Take a moment to find the best car insurance provider for your needs, and you’ll find it’s a small price to pay for better peace of mind!

It Can Help with the Cost of Injuries

Outside of liability insurance, there are a number of policies that will assist you not only with damages caused to other people’s bodies and property but also your own motorcycle and person with personal injury and collision coverage. 

At its most basic level, personal injury insurance will reimburse you with the cost of medical expenses, but most providers will offer coverage that will also pay for things like childcare, lost income, and other expenses incurred as a result of your accident. 

Injuries so severe that they stop you from working or taking care of your kids aren’t the nicest things to think about, but they can and do happen. With this in mind, it’s certainly worth considering personal injury cover when searching for your motorcycle insurance.

Bikes Are Easier to Steal and Harder to Recover than Cars

It’s a sad fact that motorcycle theft is very common in the US. Tens of thousands of motorcycles are stolen in the US every year, and they tend to be harder to recover than stolen cars.

Just like accidents and injuries, bike thefts are rare, but they do happen even in sleepy suburbs. The large majority of insurance providers offer comprehensive policies that cover the current market value of your bike if it’s stolen. Many of these policies will also cover the cost of damage to your bike caused by other kinds of crime like vandalism and damages from natural disasters like floods, fires, and earthquakes.

Insurance Can Cover Damages to your Bike, Even When You’re at Fault

There’s no such thing as a perfect rider, and even if you’ve been riding a motorcycle your whole life, there’s always a possibility that you’ll get involved in an accident where you’re found to be at fault.

Basic liability insurance won’t be much help in these situations, but if you get a policy with collision coverage, you’ll receive a payout to fix or replace your bike regardless of who’s at fault. This applies to accidents involving another vehicle just as much as it does to situations where you might lose control of the bike and ride it into a building, tree, lamp post, or pretty much anything else!

You Can Often Bundle it with Other Insurance Policies You Already Have

Finally, motorcycle insurance is often a lot cheaper than you might imagine when bundled with other policies you already have. More and more, leading insurance providers are offering ways you can bundle your home, car, and rental policies with motorcycle insurance, which will allow you to save a considerable amount compared to buying an individual insurance policy for your bike.

Even if your current provider for these other policies isn’t advertising these kinds of bundles through their marketing materials, it’s often worth asking. Retaining a policy is a lot cheaper than finding a new one, and your insurer will likely pull out the stops to find a way to bundle your existing policies!

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