4 things to do while you are waiting for a race to finish

Go chat with your fellow riders while the race is going on

You know the feeling. You have been participating in a race, but you did not finish it, and now you must wait in the car until your friend has finished the race. It can take a while, so how do you kill the time? Here are 4 suggestions to what you can do while waiting for the race to finish.

Watch the race

The most obvious thing to do is to find a place next to the course – preferably next to the finish line – and then watch the race. First, you must be interested in watching dirt bike races since you compete yourself, and even if you’re fed up with racing for the day, it’s good sportsmanship to pay interest to the race even if you are not in it any longer. Also, your friends might need some support on the course, so get up there and cheer them on as a true sportsman.

Play some games in the car

If you are frustrated because you did not finish, and just cannot bear the thought of watching a race that you did not finish, you can get in the car, pick up your mobile phone and play some games on the phone while waiting for the race to finish. There is a bunch of different games available online, from Online casino to free games on many of the free gaming sites. You might already have a favorite or two, but in case you have not, Google is you friend. Just type in games, and you will find a bunch of funny games within seconds.

Get something to eat

Feeling hungry? Perhaps you should grab a snack or even a proper meal while you wait for the race to finish. You can either eat food that you brought yourself or buy something at the race. Usually there are some caravans and small stalls where you can buy and enjoy different kinds of healthy food as well as junk food, and if it’s still early, you can check if there is a fast-food restaurant like Burger King with breakfast hours nearby. If you love food and are feeling down after the race, nothing will cheer you up as a delicious snack.

Have a chat with the other competitors that did not finish either

When you have to abandon a race before it is over, sometimes it helps to talk to some of the other riders that did not finish the race. Then you can talk about what went wrong, and often it help to know that you are not alone – others might have experienced some bad luck as well. Have a chat, get over it, and then start to focus on the next race – there is plenty of events going on, and before you know it, you will be back in pole position!

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