21 Tips For a Weekend on the MX Track

Motocross attracts thousands of enthusiasts each weekend. Whether you are a novice or experienced dirt biker, you can always use some helpful tips.

1. Camping Gear

If your accommodations are on the rustic side, make sure you pack your camping gear for your sleeping quarters.

2. First Aid Kit

Crashes happen to the best of us. Make sure your kit is stocked, and accessible. In addition, it is a good idea to never ride alone, and always have a flashlight with you.

3. Stay Hydrated

This is especially important if you are riding the trail all weekend. Unlike the 20 minutes or so between pit stops, you need to have hydration packs with you on the trail.

4. Generator

You will want to bring a generator for the camping part of the weekend. It gives you light for fixing the bike in the evening, charging your equipment and powering your stereo. Make sure to choose an inverter generator as it provides clean sinus power that won’t damage equipment like your mobilephone and stereo. Our friend from Generator Guide have made a guide to find the right inverter generator you can read here

5. Trail Kit

Keep a trail kit for your bike handy so that you can do minor repairs along the trail when needed. Check out the video here below for tips on what to include in a trail kit

6. Be Prepared

Bring an extra set of some spare parts such as air filter, oil and oil filter, grips, chain and sprockets, and of course, tire and tubes.

7. Logistics

Make sure you bring cash, and some chairs to sit in. If your weekend motocross adventure is located at one track, you will want somewhere comfortable to sit between races.

8. Do Some Research

Whatever race you will participating in, be sure to do a little research on the event beforehand so you know what to expect from the people and the track. Are the races in series? What classes are the races?

9. Practice

Even experienced riders like to take a few practice laps around an unknown track. By taking the time before the race you will get an accurate gauge of what you will be putting your body and your bike through during the race.

10. Walk the Track

Even if you have previewed the track from your bike, walking it will give you a slow motion view of what you saw in passing. Details you glean from walking can be to your advantage during the race.

11. Arrive Early

Arriving under the gun and getting flustered is no way to enter a race. Arrive in plenty of time before the race to sign in and preview the track.

12. Keep Up Your Strength

Motocross is a physically demanding sport. Basically, drink more water than you’ll think you need, and eat hearty, nutritious meals.

13. Stretch

You’ll want to pay close attention to your arms, legs and back. Do some simple stretches such as toe touches. Swing your arms to get the blood flowing. Do this before each race in which you participate.

14. Cash

Don’t forget the greenbacks. Usually there is a gate fee which can range anywhere from around $5 to $30. After the gate fee there is usually a sign-up charge. There are also club fees, race fees, and in some places, camping fees.

15. Strategize

The philosophy is to go slower to go fast. In other words, it is highly unlikely you will win your first race, so take it easy and develop your skills for future races. You need to acclimate your ability (which should already match your machine) to the track conditions.

16. Take Advice

It is a good idea to talk to those who have more experience than you do. Don’t resist information given freely. Most likely the comments are not meant to attack you or your riding skills personally. Who knows? Maybe the person who is giving you some constructive criticism will become your riding mentor.

17. Be Communicative

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others and engage in conversation. However, don’t engage in exaggeration about your own abilities and experience. Also, if you have any medical issues such as diabetes, let the people in charge know, and inform them of your emergency contact numbers.

18. Focus on the Future

Maybe you are new to the motocross scene and you are on your first trail. It is very likely that you will have questions and even some struggles. Don’t be afraid to admit you are having problems, and let others help you through it. You many even have places where someone else should ride part of the trail for you. Just remember that you will improve!

19. Trouble Shoot

Don’t show up at an event with a bike riddled with problems. Others may be open to helping with some impromptu mechanics, but that can get old. Make sure your fuel tank is full, and that all mechanical preparations and repairs are completed before the event.

20. Protect Yourself

Everyone falls off at one time or another, so be prepared with padding and a helmet. Safety glasses or goggles are also important for safety and survival when out on the trail. Safety should always be first. If your new to motocross and want to know more about protection gear, check out this guide

21. Bring Friends and Family

Everyone enjoys a good racing story after the event. Experiences shared are part of life. Benchracing has long been part of the experience of motocross racing. However, nothing beats being there in person to experience the race. So, invite your friends and family to join you. Plus, while you might not win your first race, you might be able to beat your sibling or friend. Bragging rights don’t get dusty.

Whether you are new or a veteran, whether you are trail riding or track racing, motocross is a sport that should be enjoyed. But with most events, there is preparation, and the more prepared you are when you arrive, the more fun there is to be had.

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