The historic cradle of the French Enduro made it even more chronological as Christophe Nambotin took home the title of French Enduro Championship for year 2018. Taking as back to Brioude, having all the championships are decided to this event.

Nambotin continued his epic season riding with Sima Moto GasGas racing team winning it all for second time in a row and also scoring a perfect win rate for E3 Class.

Another winning performance took on the stage were; Julien Gauther in E1 class, and Loic Larrieu in E2 class. Théo Espinasse Espinasse and Valérian Debaud were crowned new Junior E1 and Junior E2 champions respectively.

Fan favourite rider Hugo Blanjoue was unable to participate on this event for the reason that he was competing in Poland for European Enduro Championship. Blanjoue still holds the lead for JE2 class category.

Leading by just one point on the final stats, Justine Martel won the women’s category winning 177-176 ahead of Juliette Berrez. After injuring herself on the first day, Martel maintained her equanimity and successfully finished the race with a crown.

Here are the statistical points for each categor

2018 Final Classification E1:

Julien Gauthier – 171 Pts

Thomas Dubost – 152 Pts

Jérémy Miroir – 131 Pts

Final Classification E2:

Loïc Larrieu – 188 Pts

Pierre Vissac – 147 Pts

Mathias Bellino – 145 Pts

Final Classification E3:

Christophe Nambotin – 200 Pts

Anthony Geslin – 168 Pts

Romain Dumontier – 152 Pts


Final Classification Junior E1:

Théo Espinasse – 171 Pts

Antoine Magain – 156 Pts

Alexis Beaud – 125 Pts

Final Classification Junior E2:

Hugo Blanjoue – 183 Pts

Till De Clercq – 155 Pts

Léo Le Quéré – 154 Pts


Final Classification Junior E3:

Valerian Debaud – 188 Pts

David Abgrall – 182 Pts

Xavier flick – 142 Pts


Final Classification féminines:

Justine Martel – 177 Pts

Juliette Berrez – 176 Pts

Elodie Chaplot – 152 Pts

Final Classification constructors:

GAS GAS – 191 Pts

YAMAHA – 171 Pts

BETA – 131 Pts


Final Classification Challenge Team National MORACO:


YAMAHA B2R – 151 Pts

MCL – 123 Pts


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