To Kids:

Let’s say that you have already outgrown toy figures, police cars, mini cooking utensils and Barbie dolls and you’ve decided to try dirt bike racing because that is just plain cool. The problems is, aside from your parents are somewhat overprotective and haven’t had a passion for anything related to bikes, you barely even know how to operate a dirt bike. This plan of yours getting into the track and racing might take some time and a lot of talking for you to convince them. You can’t blame them for not giving an easy answer like, “Okay honey, have fun. Be at home by 5 pm”, no, it is not possible. It is their “parenting instincts” that will prevail when you open up a topic like this to them. Getting on a regular bike and paddling through the street of your neighborhood is one thing but dirt bike racing is on a whole new level. The following are a few arguments/facts to help you start this conversation and get you on the whole new world of fun and adventures.

To Parents:

This is the part where you parents are about to read this part or say immediately to your son or daughter that, “No” or “Not gonna happen buddy” (but hear me out.). You parents only want what is best for your child but at the same time, you also want them to be safe. It is perfectly normal to be worried because dirt bike really is a tough sport or hobby but as a kid they will have the chance to view the world in a different perspective. They will have the chance to be with other kids who have the same passion as theirs. Parents are not just protective but are also supportive for what they thing what is best and what things can contribute to the positive development of their kids. The following are some reasons you should let your kid to experience the fun and excitement of dirt bikes.

Kids, if you are about to have a conversation with your parents about this, you should be able to accept the fact that it won’t be easy. You parents will have several reasons on why they can’t let you do what you want. You should be able to absorb whatever they have to say in a respectable and open minded manner. It will involve a lot of talking and explaining, but if ever that you got that approval from them then you should be able to still listen to their advices because there will be restrictions, limitations and conditions with this favor and that is completely normal. Start of the conversation by saying the reasons why you should ride a dirt bike.

Reasons You Should Ride  

  • First and foremost, your safety is the main concern of your parents. You should be able to understand that. Tell them that just like any other sports, it will be a learning progress. You will start at the basics using the basic bikes for starters.  There are bikes that are very manageable available on the market. Also, even more performance-based kids’ bikes have throttle limiters and basic tools to keep things as fast or slow as they want. Also, tell them all the gears (enumerate all from head to toe if necessary). Do your advance research on these gears and show them that there is nothing to worry about your safety. It also shows your parents that the motorcycle industry cares deeply about safety and that there are enough kids riding to support such a robust array of kids’ products.


  • Handling and having your own motorcycle is an act of responsibility. Tell them that by having it, you will learn to be responsible of your own safety as well as learning to ride it (within your limits).


  • You will be having more time with your parents as they will help you along your journey. Tell them that this activity or dirt bike riding is a core family activity. With this, you can build stronger relationships not only with them, but also with the other kids that are also starting to learn dirt bike.


  • Dirt bike riding is a form of exercise. Tell them that riding is a way of having a good lifestyle especially off road riding. It is a physical activity after all and it is so much better than sitting on the couch and watching tv or playing video games all day long. It will improve your reflexes, your body coordination and your mental aspect will be sharper. Tell your parents you will be a much safer and aware driver because riding a motorcycle teaches you to be focused and aware of your surroundings.


  • It’ll keep you out of bad influence. Tell them that this is a good activity compared to being friends with wrong people that might give you bad influences. Also, dirt bikes riding related activities are strictly to be done after school, homework and household chores as it is said earlier, you should be responsible. It also a way of positive stress relieving and will be lots of fun.


Make a deal

Try to have a deal if those mentioned above didn’t quite do the trick of getting their approval.

  • Pay for the bike yourself. There are a lot of ways you can do this. You can try saving up your excess money (but that would take you too long). In addition, you might want to tell your parents that you are willing to do extra household chores and that they should pay you (pick those hard ones for more money). Another way is to have a part time job. By doing this, you can show to them that you are dedicated on what you are planning to do.
  • Have good grades. Impress your parents with your school performances. Show them all your A+’s test papers and report cards. With this, you’ve proven yourself that you are eager to have their approval.
  • Read your books and other stuffs that will enhance and that is beneficial for you. You know that parents like it when they see you read rather than playing video games.
  • Take more classes at dirt bike riding schools. There is abundance of riding coaches and classes that even offer bikes, which is a good way to try before you buy. This shows that you are being responsible while learning good riding and safety habits.

With this, you can convince your parents. All you need now is a suited bike of your very own.


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