During the round two of the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship held in Poland, Cody Webb showed a promising performance and a stunning array of moves that helped him paved his way into the overall victory.

A night full of thrill and unexpected turn of events were observed at the Prestige Category as the riders battled it out into the track. There were also several crashes, falls and a huge pile-up at the beginning of the 2nd race.

But among the many riders competing for the night, the one that stood out and eventually winning the night was Cody Webb followed by Colton Haaker who was in fact was faced a shortcoming during the race as he had an accident with his teammate.

“It was not easy,” said Webb. “I learned from my mistake in the first moto in terms of my starting position. So I’m very happy with this end result!”

In the third in overall was Billy Bolt however he was required to give up his spot to Taddy Blazusiak who benefited a score from a penalty taking the place of Bolt.

The Polish rider at first picked up a 20-second penalty for an unauthorized jump on the first lap, however this was later concentrated to 10 seconds. A 3rd place which made a difference of 4 points.

The home favorite Manuel Lettenbichler had completed in 7th in overall after having trouble in the middle of the race regardless of having a great start.

In the Junior Category, the crowd of Reisa cheered piercingly for their German Junior rider Kevin Gallas which was one of the reasons why he made it to the top of the podium. His recent performance in Poland was not just for a show as he proved that he had the capabilities to improve and buff up his skill in riding. He did learn a lot of things from that race which also helped him here.

Gallas also gained the upper hand greater than the other riders not only by winning all the 3 heats but as well as  completing more than 20 points than Kyle Flanagan and Ignacio Fernandez who had tied to the second place. He devoted his win to his father who had passed recently.

“I dedicate this victory to my father, who I know would be so proud of me right now. He died shortly before the event,” said Gallas.

It is really emotional and beautiful to watch someone to dedicate his victory. Be enough to say that the crowd were full of pride, in particular as Kevin GALLAS also took the front in the SEWC Junior standings.


Intense battle over the championship title was witnessed at the Akrapovic Super Pole Award as two of the most promising riders; Colton Haaker and Cody Webb, battled it out on the race track. But eventually, Webb achieved the championship victory and winning the “Hot Lap”

As for Haaker, it had seemed that he had quite experienced some difficulty as he haven’t managed to grab any bonus points on Saturday night at the said event. He finished in fourth place among all the other rather fast competitors. It was also observed that he had just a margin of seconds behind Webb.

Webb garnered a total of 3 points for topping the Akrapovic Super Pole with a time of 42’’016, just ahead of Billy Bolt with a time of 42’’848. It was speculated that this sill be a great season for the Brit as he had shown so much potential and skill all throughout.  Coming next was Johnny Walker who had the third best time on the night with a total of 43”170.

Webb reaches the top of the overall rankings in this 5th edition of the Super Pole powered by Akrapovic thanks to the poor performances by his closest rivals Haaker and Blazusiak. With only three more GPs to come, the fight will surely intensify as BOLT, BLAZUSIAK and WALKER are just one point only from the lead.


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