What Size Dirt Bike Do You Need For Your Height?

What Size Dirt Bike Do You Need For Your Height?

What Size Dirt Bike Do You Need For Your Height? – When you’re first starting out with dirt bikes, there are a lot of questions you need to ask. While it does help to know and understand the dirt bike basics, questions are important. If you want to get a reliable and comfortable dirt bike, there is one question to ask.

That question is: “What Size Dirt Bike Do You Need For Your Height?” There is ergonomics involved with riding a dirt bike. So if you want to choose the right bike, it’s important to know the right size. If you end up choosing the wrong size, you can end up with not just an uncomfortable vehicle but risk injury.

What to Know About Dirt Bike Sizes

Dirt bike sizes don’t have height specifics. The “right size” is usually because of the average seat height. To get an idea of what dirt bike size suits your height, here is a general size and seat chart to help:

Dirt Bike SizeAverage Seat Height
50cc21.5″ (55cm)
125cc 4 stroke30.0″(76cm)
125cc 2 stroke38.0″(96.5cm)
250cc trail bike35.0″(89cm)
250cc enduro/mx bike37.5″(95cm)

Understand that this chart is only a general reference. Just as there are different types of dirt bikes, there are dirt bikes that fit certain age ranges and height ranges. A good dirt bike size reference for different heights is as follows:

Age/HeightSeat Height
3-6 years old18-21 inch (45-53cm)
6-8 years old21-24 inch (53-61cm)
9-10 years old24-27 inch (61-68.5cm)
4’10”-5’0″ (147-152cm)27-30 inch (68.5-76cm)
5’0″-5’2″ (152-157.5cm)29-31 inch (73.5-79cm)
5’2″-5’4″ (157.5-162.5cm)30-33 inch (76-84cm)
5’4″-5’6″ (162.5-168cm)33-35 inch (84-89cm)
5’6″-5’8″ (168-173cm)34-36 inch (86-91.5cm)
5’8″-5’11” (173-180cm)35-38 inch (89-96.5cm)
6’0″+ (183+cm)37+ inch (94+cm)

What Size Dirt Bike Do You Need For Your Height? – Other Factors

While there is a range of bikes that can fit different heights, there are certain bikes with a general structure. What does this mean? Some bikes are naturally tall and others are naturally short in size. An example of a model that’s usually tall is the Enduro bike model. They are generally tall bikes because they have long-travel suspension. This helps provide the best comfort and performance to soak up bumps and obstacles.

There is the option to modify these bikes, but you risk the chance of, at best, ending up with an uncomfortable bike, or at worst, compromising it. Choosing the right size doesn’t always fall on the seat height, other factors in choosing a comfortable and reliable bike include the wheels and the overall frame. Getting the best bike for you can also be determined by the following:

  • Engine size
  • Type of engine (built for trail riding or racing)
  • Electric or kick-start
  • Reliability
  • Price


Dirt bikes come in different sizes and choosing a comfortable one for your height ultimately falls on the seat height. While it’s not always the case for all models, it can help to have a general idea. When you choose the right size dirt bike, you are guaranteed a comfortable ride. However, make sure it is not the only factor you focus on when getting a bike.

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