The Top Dirt Bike Stars of Today

Stunt events are taking the industry by storm as more avid fans continue to gravitate towards watching some of the best motorsport specialists perform a multitude of outrageous tricks and highlight plays as well as showcasing their impressive skill when navigating around a circuit, with dirt bike motorsport competitions being a particular hot commodity for US audiences to enjoy.

Many motocross events and related tournaments have now been able to garner a much more widespread reputation as an intriguing and vastly entertaining motorsport to attend in person which has now included several high-profile names and celebrities who watch events on a regular occurrence.

Moto GPs are certainly amongst the riskiest sports that any rider can partake in, but it is clear that fans of the industry often express their joy in watching the best stunt racers from around the world compete for a chance to become world champions at some of the many prestigious events.

With the 2023 racing season already providing fans with a multitude of amazing events to catch a glimpse of in person or during the many streamed broadcasts, these are some of the top riders to keep an eye on throughout the course of the calendar year who are likely to contend for a world championship title.

  • Eli Tomac:

At just 30 years of age, the Colorado native has already announced himself as the quintessential best rider across a variety of dirt biking events which includes his recent successes at the AMA Motocross 450cc and Supercross 450cc circuits throughout the past decade.

Tomac is a four-time winner of the 450cc Motocross event as well as a two-time Supercross champion with the American also earning a sublime total of 107 wins across his illustrious career which even includes his 2012 AMA Supercross 250cc West championship and his AMA Motocross 250cc winning campaign in 2013.

2022 was a marquee year for Tomac and is a season that has already entered into motocross folklore as one of the best in recent memory for any driver in the event’s entire history which has earned him the deserved plaudits from a variety of racing fans, especially those who enjoy to bet online by browsing the latest motorsport odds on the DraftKings sportsbook.

Alongside his success at the domestic level, Tomac has also established himself internationally following his sublime performances at the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations where he led Team USA to a top podium finish for the first time in eleven years, a feat that certainly has him marked as one of the very best racers today.

  • Tim Gajser:

After winning the MX2 back in 2015, the Russian starlet has already become one of the best riders in professional motocross since competing at the top level in the MXGP, from which he has amassed an impressive four world championship titles.

The Honda racer was able to see off the likes of Jeremy Seewer and Jorge Prado to take home a top podium finish at the event’s conclusion, with this being his third GP winning campaign in the past four years.

Gajser’s love for motocross stems from his father who was also a rider and has remained his coach since he first took over the mantle as the top racer in the family, from which the Russian has made significant strides since entering into the profession as he looks to claim even more major accolades throughout what is quickly becoming a very decorated career path.

  • Chase Sexton:

If there is one young star prodigy that looks set to become the next future face of all motocross racing, then it is clear that 23-year-old Chase Sexton from Mendota, Illinois is the primary candidate to develop into a superstar talent that is sure to set the motorsport industry by storm.

After bursting onto the scene back in 2019 and 2020, Sexton made an instant name for himself by winning consecutive AMA Supercross 250cc East Championships before making his debut at the 450cc class a year later, which unfortunately saw his campaign hampered by injury.

However, Sexton would soon bound back in 2022 and would go onto to win the Monster Energy Supercross 450cc earning Honda their first title since 2003 which has further helped to elevate his status as one of the top prospects within the racing circuit today.

Despite suffering a few nagging injuries and prior worries with illness, Sexton is already touted by many to become the future face of a variety of dirt bike competitions within motocross and could be set to challenge the aforementioned Eli Tomac for numerous world championships if he can avoid any serious setbacks.

These are just a few of the many top racers to watch live in action for all future motocross events with the competition now being widely broadcasted across the renowned streaming service ‘Peacock’ for all fans to enjoy and become even more invested in, with stars such as the names listed above making this an unmissable season for all racing fans to enjoy.

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