Taking a look at some of the Motocross world’s coolest world records.

Motocross is one of the most extreme sports on the planet. We have seen all kinds of crazy stunts and thrilling races over the years since it all started in the UK in the early 20th century. Little known fact, the word ‘scrambler’ came from these British off-road bike races called scrambles, and they became the first ever official motocross racing event, and they first held place in 1924. Since then it has become one of the world’s most sought out motorsports, and now, there’s all kinds of motorsport races all around the world, and talented, devoted racers who put everything to the sport to become the best in the world, making and breaking all kinds of world records. Here’s a list of the coolest & craziest Guinness world records that have been set so far in the motocross world!

The longest distance to ever be traveled on a motocross bike in one go, was a record set by an Egyptian man called Ali Abdo Ali, and he managed to travel 613.59 kilometers on June 29th of 2017, and it took him 24 hours.

The longest ramp jump ever with a backflip, was set by one Ben Fiez from Australia, who jumped his Honda CRF over 20.2 meters (approx 66 ft, 4”), while doing a backflip! This monstrosity of a scene happened at a festival called the Crusty Demons Night of World Records, which took place at Melbourne’s Calder Park Raceway.

The youngest ever world motocross champion was a Dutch legend named Dave Strijbos, and he won the 125cc world title aged just under 18  years old on August 31st 1986, making him the youngest world champion in the sport to this day.

The biggest bet payout in history; There’s no official statement about this, however rumor has it that an american sports betting enthusiast had bet a considerable amount on the precise complete outcome of a particular race that took place a few years ago, and won the largest sum of money ever to be given through a single sports bet. Learn more about betting on sports at sites like comeon.com.

The Longest Stoppie on a Motocross bike; A stoppie is when a motorcycle brakes hard from the front enough to lift the rear end of the bike, and keeps it balanced with it’s rear wheel elevated from the ground. It’s like a wheelie but with the front end on the ground rather than the rear. One guy named Gary Harding from Boonsboro, United States managed to keep a stoppie going for a total of 86.2 kilometres on August 22nd 2010. That’s just insane on so many levels.

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