SSR 115 Pit Bike – A Review of An Underestimated Bike

SSR 115 Pit Bike
SSR 115 Pit Bike

SSR 115 Pit Bike – The SSR 115 is one of the many SSR models you can have for a pit bike. Compared to other SSR models, it does not stand out in terms of features. Some of the features of this small wheeler include a spring-loaded throttle, a double-arm steel frame, and a torquey 22-mm Mikuni carb. It is a fairly underestimated pit bike with a simplistic design and overall sporty look. While this Chinese-made motorcycle does not seem much at first glance, it still has it has its share of benefits. Whether you are a newbie with bikes or a veteran, information always helps in determining a good bike. If you want to know whether this option is for you, here are a few things to know.

Basic Information on the SSR 115 Pit Bike

Before we dive into the specs of this bike, getting some background details can help. One general thing to know about this bike model is that it is an upgraded 110-class motorbike. It is designed for young adults and nouveau riders and features a powerful but nimble framework. It also offers a versatile usage and has a range of trims to choose from. You can select a few performance parts for this bike: ASV Replica Levers, Motion Pro Turbo Throttle, and Big Gun Muffler. While it may not be the first choice of veteran riders, it is a great bike for off-roading. If you are interested in getting an off-roading vehicle or just like motorcycles, knowing this model’s specs can see how fit it is for you.

What to Know About the Specs

Specs can say a lot about a bike, and if the model fits your needs. From the engine to the tires, there are plenty of details you can scope for this model. While there are plenty of features you can note for the SSR 115, knowing the important information can help in the long run. Some of the prime information you should know about the bike are as follows:

The Engine: This feature of the bike usually depends on the model or trim. A general engine model for this bike would range from a 4-Stroke to a SOHC YX and Bangen. Whatever the engine model, SSR models generally have two types of petcocks attached. These two options are a two- or three-position manual petcock. These are what control fuel feed from the gas tank to the SSR 125 carburetor. They also assist with the cold start and go on different sides depending on the type. If it’s two-position petcocks, they’re usually on the left side of the carb while three-position petcocks go on the right side.

For a simple description of an SSR 125 engine, they are usually a single-cylinder model with a fuel capacity of 3 liters. It has a horsepower of 7.3 hp and can go approximately 38-50 mph and higher.

The Drivetrain: A SSR 125 generally has a 4-speed manual or automatic transmission with a 1-down 3-up gearshift pattern. For the final drive, a 420 O-ring chain and 102 links work. If the gear ever stops catching on to the front sprocket, you may replace it with a 420, a 438, or a 520 chain. It is recommended to get X-rings for better wear resistance.

Ignition: This pit bike model has a Capacitor Discharge Ignition and usually works on a kick-start. The only time this model does not need a kick-start is when the bike has a fully automatic trim. There are one or two engine-off switches on the SSR 125 depending on the trim. You’ll find the ignition kill button close to the left handgrip or an on-off thumb switch in the center of the handlebar.

Tires & Brakes: Compared to other models, the SSR 125 have 60/100 – R14/12 for the front and 80/100 – 10 for the rear tires. As for the rubber, it’s a 100/70 R17 for the front, and for the rear tires, it is 100/90 R14. With the breaks, it is noted that you can have disc sizes ranging from 190 mm to 240 mm. This depends on whether you got the factory tires switched.

Suspension & Dimension: A standard suspension feature for this pit bike model is an A-type alloy swingarm. If you go for a sportier trim for the bike, it will have a straight-type swingarm. As for the dimensions of an SSR 125, they are generally the same as the overall SSR series vehicle dimensions. The only difference is that it is shorter in comparison and works best with riders that are below 5’11” and weigh below 200 lbs.

Exterior: The SSR 125 offers plenty of trims. Among those trims, only the SR125TR and SR125TR-BW designs have a sub-frame. Aside from this, the pit bike model has standard exterior features. Color-wise, the pit bike comes in red, blue, black, white, green, and orange.

Cost: The SSR 125 has a total of 14 types you can choose from. Generally, the price range for this model is not that high and the overall range from $1,000 to over $1600. Unfortunately, nine of the fourteen SSR 125 types are discontinued. If you want to know which type of SSR 125 bike is the cheapest, it is SR125A1 while the SR125TR-BW is the most expensive.

Pros and Cons of the SSR 125 Pit Bike

It is one thing to know about the bike, but it is a completely different thing when owning it. While it can help to see whether a pit bike fits your preferences, knowing the ups and downs of owning the model. By knowing the benefits and pitfalls of having this pit bike model, you can see whether it is personally worth purchasing the SSR 125:

  • Pros

    The first thing to know about this bike is that maintenance is fairly easy. Due to its light frame, the bike is easy to transport and with a full tank, it can run for up to 4-5 hours. In addition to all this, the bike is affordable. For biking enthusiasts, you’ll find that this model can travel through tighter trails.
    Technically wise, the bike is slightly bigger than other same-category dirt bikes and gives the rider knee room. It is also fast with seamless acceleration and durable features that work well against mud, dirt, asphalt, and other untamed riding conditions. Aside from this, the bike is a great model for manual-riding beginners due to being torque-heavy and lacking a stall.
  • Cons

    While maintenance is fairly easy, it does not mean there is little to do. Rather, there is quite a bit to note. For one thing, the nuts, bolts, and spokes need Loctite. In addition, there are different parts that tend to need replacements like the rear tires and handlebars. Aside from this, the point where the muffler and exhaust pipe connects tends to rattle when riding. Plus, the rear axle bolt is prone to bend even when doing only singles. If that isn’t enough, the bike has a tendency to have issues with the front fork assembly and soft front shocks. If you’re a biking enthusiast, you’ll find that the bike is not the top performer for berms and jumps.


Overall, the SSR 125 Pit Bike is a cable bike that has a great aesthetic and can be a fun model to ride. While it may have its technical issues, knowing what parts to look out for. In addition, the general use of this bike is what determines how well the model will work for you. As split as opinions are on this bike, it is still economically friendly and offers a smooth ride with the right maintenance.

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