The RR Racing produced seven different models for this coming year 2019 and making the debut of new 125 RR. The other models were manufactured by the same specifications that went out to be a formula of winning for Steve Holcombe when he won the 2017 Enduro GP World Champion with Beta.

With many features that have been added to all different standard models, RR racing includes some attention-grabbing updates for 2019 making it even more unique. All seven models were all upgraded starting from the chassis and components. With this new RR Racing 125, the addition comes up from an improved suspension system, expressly calibrated engine, and a new engine configuration.


Beta manufacturing engineers mainly worked hard at developing the front and rear suspension settings to improve overall handling at any given conditions.

Equipped with ZF ø 48 mm closed cartridge fork with anodized slider: stiffer and more resistant to wear, while providing less friction with SK low-friction fork seals and wipers. New fork shoes (yoke): stiffer and lighter.

The new fork guards were designed together to provide more strength and at ease when riding. Redesigned ZF shock is derive with 46mm piston with small upper base and reservoir. The new engineered piston has been designed to ensure more stable operation and enhance comfort and traction.

The spring is also lighter making the overall weight into a 300g lighter compared to other models. Added with black anodized triple clamps, The European manufacturers are particularly good at adding tweaks and upgrades to their models for a little extra spice.

Additional Configuration

Quick-release front wheel pin: speeds up tire repairs, saving precious seconds in race situations.

Vertigo hand guards: modern design, tough and “In-Mold” graphics; ideal for extreme off-road riding.

Black Aluminium footrests: light and sturdy, with a broader contact patch and steel pegs to ensure maximum, long-lasting grip under all conditions.

Rear sprocket with anodized aluminium core and steel teeth: an unbeatable combination of lightness and durability.

Red Aluminium chain tensioner blocks are provided for quick and precise adjustments to the chain

Racing seat are equipped with an additional stuff, a document pocket.

Black anodized shift/brake pedals.

Transmission oil cap, engine oil cap and oil filter cap in red anodized aluminum.

Racing graphics even more attractable and red rim stickers.

It has same front and rear suspension together with other racing models.

Built with fresh cylinder with modified exhaust port and timing charts.

New exhaust flange.

New exhaust valve system and new boosters.

New clutch cover with air bleed system to give the clutch improved feel, a modified oil filler cap position.

New clutch basket.

New expansion chamber; the exhaust and engine changes improve low-rev power delivery while boosting high-rev acceleration, resulting in better performance across the rev range and more linear, manageable power output.

The RR 125cc racing two-stroke is absolutely an achievement for Beta. In order to sustain the minimal weight distribution and racing style, this bike has no automatic oil injector and requires oil-petrol pre-mix.  This is a crucial one as a feature for a 125cc displacement engine.

Contact your Beta Factory Market for more info and availability.


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