Maico 700 vs CR500: Classic vs Modern

Two bikes, one classic and one very innovative. What’s better? Read our comparisons of Maico 700 vs. CR500 below.

maico 700 vs cr500

Engine: Maico 700 vs CR500

The Maico 700 engine offers a nippy speed and gives the rider an exhilarating experience. With a water-cooling system, the engine keeps cool even on the toughest of tracks. The SEES exhaust system allows the bike to run smoothly without any struggles. A unique exhaust system, that is an innovative advance in the industry.

Hondas CR500 provides a powerful bike with a water-cooled, single-cylinder engine. The bike offers users a sharp ride, whilst keeping a steady performance.

In terms of engines, the Maico 700 wins this round. Due to its innovative engine and a design, new to the dirt bike world, it just offers that extra something.

Suspension: Maico 700 vs CR500

The CR500 features both front and rear suspension, giving ultimate comfort. The front inverted telescopic fork suspension is adjustable, giving you the option to customise depending on your preference. The rear suspension system is also adjustable and has a mono-shock design, providing a smooth ride.

With a Reiger shock system, the Maico 700 easily absorbs any bumps or discomfort while riding. This rear suspension system gives better performance and allows the user to have better control of the model. It’s definitely a winner in this aspect.

Braking system: Maico 700 vs CR500

The Honda CR500’s brakes are standard single-disc brakes with two piston callipers. The rear braking system is also single-disc with one piston calliper. A pretty standard system but it works well, nonetheless.

For Maico 700, the braking system is unique and features Brembo brakes. Brembo is the World leader in the automotive disc brake industry, meaning that these brakes are sure to be of high quality. With 200mm wave disc brakes, the Maico 700 wins again. The high-quality braking system gives the rider full control and stability, and ultimately a better user experience.


The price of the CR500 varies and can be found at prices ranging from $6,000 to $10,000. Depending on the country, age, and overall condition of the model, the price can fluctuate.

The Maico 700 price tag is in the higher end, around $14,000. Both bikes are certainly in the high end of the market in relation to pricing. There are cheaper bikes available on the market that will give you an equally thrilling ride.

For pricing, the CR500 has to be the winner. Even though it is still an expensive bike, it wins in the battle again the Maico 700.

Final Verdict

Both models are powerful, sharp bikes. They both offer great features and are guaranteed to give their rider a fantastic experience.

However, when it comes to features, the Maico 700 must be the winner. The high-quality design with an innovative exhaust system is truly ground-breaking in the industry.

Of course, the price is higher, but the quality of craftsmanship from the exhaust and brakes to the suspension make the extra price worth it.

The model is certainly innovative and is not your standard dirt bike. The ambition and passion for design and quality can be clearly seen in the bike and is accurately reflected in the price tag.

Can Maico 700 handle a tough enduro ride?

We found this video from the “Mad Rider Austria” and his Maico 700:

So what do you think? I

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