Incontinence pants for boys could help your child to stay dry for long distance races

It might not seem as something you would relate to motor cross racing, but incontinence pants can in fact be a great help for your child to cross the finish line first on longer endurance races.

Having had the problem of wetting yet, or not, does not refute that it might become an apprehension for your child’s racing at some point. If your kid has not yet tried long endurance races, it is better to be safe than sorry and to avoid something like a discomforting bladder to ruin his race. Incontinence pants will as a result help him to use his energy correctly, and stay focused on what matters, in his most important times.

With incontinence pants for boys, your kid can stay dry for the entire race, long as short. Wet pants boys are never fun for anyone, neither parent, or especially embarrassing for the boys themselves. The pant itself is primarily made for daytime wetting and aimed at boys. They can have cool designs and a look and feel like any other under pant. It is therefore an ideal choice for something like motor cross and dirt biking and especially at endurance races, as it will not interfere with the child’s gear, neither annoy him.

With its small form factor, manufactures like DRY & COOL has managed to make them almost able to absorb as much as a normal diaper, at approximately 80 ml. and can be washed at 60 degrees. All this has been achieved with an aim to increase your child’s quality of life, also when in action.

So hop on to their web site and look after incontinence pants, you might just do your child, and all the other wet pants boys a big favor. If you don’t tell him what they are, he might not even notice.

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