How Casinos Help Organizers of Motorcycle Racing Events: Funding, Advertising, and Rewards for Participants

Motorcycle racing events are both difficult and expensive to organize. As a result, there are lots of sponsors that either help the organisers or individual teams/athletes. Some of these sponsors are strategic partners, companies that sell motorcycle parts, tires, protective equipment etc. Other sponsors care about the spectators because they are the target demographic for their product. This is why gambling businesses often support various sports events.  Even some of the best operators that you can find on casinoofthekings have sponsored various teams or sports events. They know that a lot of spectators love to gamble or play casino games, and they even host some racing-themed slots.

Of course, many casinos aren’t actually big companies. They are a mid-size business that operates exclusively online. These smaller operators rarely sponsor events, and they rely on other means for increasing brand awareness. As far as features go, a lot of these operators can go toe to toe with big companies. You can go through the list of casinos with the best payouts and you’ll see that both big gambling sites and smaller brands are on that list. After all, they do collaborate with the same software developers and offer similar content. Here we will talk about motorcycle racing and all the ways casinos help organize these events.

Overview of Cooperation Between Casinos and Motorcycle Racing


There are various ways for race organizers and casinos to cooperate.

  • Casinos can sponsor the whole competition
  • They can sponsor a competitor or their team
  • The casino can host the event

The most meaningful type of cooperation is when a casino hosts the race. In most cases, the business started as a race track owner, and then obtained a license for hosting casino games. In other words, this is a rare instance when a casino is one of the organizers, and they can attract potential gamblers to their location directly. Moreover, they will earn from ticket sales because they are the host.

Finally, they have the opportunity to be the on-track bookie, which allows them to give visitors unique odds. Many bettors will take any chance they get to play with better odds, whether it’s betting or playing casino games with a low house edge.

When a casino sponsors the race they get great brand exposure and positive brand association. First, they are helping organize an event that many people like, and second, their logo will be displayed all over the place.

How Fans Benefit

The main goal behind sponsoring events or helping the organizers is to win over fans or spectators. In other words, they use the opportunity to make spectators feel good and excited. They do this with a special event lottery through ticket sales. It’s common to have a special game during the break where lucky winners will be drawn, based on their ticket number.

Another way to get fans excited is to give special promotions for gambling. A sponsor might give out promo codes that can be used for betting on the event, or for playing casino games. These promo codes can also be given in cooperation with other sponsors. For example, if someone buys 3 drinks they get a scratch card continuing a code that will give them free gambling credit.

Impact of Casino Sponsorships

Having gambling companies as sponsors can be very beneficial, that’s why many sports clubs do it. They can invest in better training, better equipment, and other elements that can help them become more competitive. Additionally, organizers can throw a better show, and attract more viewers, which always translates to higher returns. In other words, the competition as a whole becomes more spectacular. Other parties benefit as well:

  • Vendors can get more sales if the purchases are attached to casino promotion
  • Viewers have a better time because they can win rewards, and look forward to a new race
  • Athletes who love to gamble can land a band ambassador deal

Finally, if the casino brand hosts the race they will definitely get some people to play casino games. There are many skilled gamers who love to play blackjack as they get to use a strategic approach. Also, casual players and first-timers are likely to kill some time by playing slots or roulette.

These were some main ways how casinos help motorcycle racing events grow. This type of cooperation is very common in other sports, especially football. People who spectate obviously love the excitement and adrenaline rush, and they can get that same experience even by playing casino games. Additionally, sports fans love to bet, so gambling businesses have a clear incentive to support these competitions.

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