Gomez to battle 300 riders for Spain’s Hixpania Hard Enduro


For the final event of Spain’s Hixpania, there will be a total of 300 entries from different countries that are aiming for the top spot of the podium. The said event will take two weeks from now, on November 3-5. It was clear that the second edition really raised its popularity for 2017. In addition to the event itself, there was an entry list with the best hard eduro riders.

The one holding the top spot as the most awaited rider is Spain’s AlfredoGomez. He will stand as the bearer ad the pride of his country. On song I 2017, Mario Roman will also be engaged in the race and is eager to attain the championship.

Graham Jarvis who is 2016’s runner-up returns to Hixpania and is hoping to prevent Spain from winning. Another one to watch for is Jonny Walker who will make his Hixpania debut. Solid and new improved performance by Billy Bolt is a must watch as he will aim to claim his first overall podium in hard enduro.

The event is packed with a lot of riders ad some of the names that enthusiasts are looking forward to see in their game face are Lars Enockl, Pol Tarres and the Xavi and Sergi Leon brothers. There are also those from other countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, Morocco and Turkey that will surely be a game turner in the coming 3 day race.

Entries are still open in events such as the new non-competitive category for all riding levels that includes maxi-trail riders.

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