After finishing as runner up in the qualifying rounds in the morning, Rockstar Husqvarna’s Billy Bolt had a good start in the finals at afternoon. He won the 2017 Red Bull Sea to Sky beach race. Behind bolt were KTM riders, Jonny Walker and Alfredo Gomez who were in second and in third place respectively.

At the beginning of the final race, it was Walker who got the holeshot, behind him was Alfredo Gomez and Bolt. Just after the first lap, Walker had to deal with the energized charged of Bolt as he tries to catch up to him. It was around that time when Walker had committed a small mistake. But that small mistake gave Bolt an opening to pass Walker. As Bolt kept his amazing pace, Alfredo Gomez, who is also Walker’s team-mate kept on advancing forward. Halfway through, Gomez manage to overturn the tide as he passed Bolt. But despite being in second place, Bolt kept his cool, and eventually won his first hard enduro event.

“That feels so good,” said Bolt on having his very first enduro win “I didn’t get a great start but I managed to get past Jonny after only a lap or two. I really wanted this win to make up for last year when a mechanical problem caused me to retire. I got second at the Prologue at Romaniacs so to go one better feels awesome.”

“It was definitely tough out there. The course is hard enough but when there’s 49 other guys out there tripping each other up it’s really something else. Winning today means I’m first away for tomorrow’s Forest Race, that has advantages and disadvantages. As long as I can keep my head and not make any mistakes, I should be able to get a good finish for a front row start for Saturday’s Mountain Race.”

As for Walker, he is still happy for the result being in second place.

“I had a really good start,” said Walker. “I knew the race was going to be intense so I started off quite steady. I got the holeshot and got out in front, but after a couple of mistakes on the tyres I was passed by Billy and Alfredo. I managed to catch and pass Gomez, but Billy was way too far in front. I am happy how I’m riding and this result means I start second for tomorrow’s Forest Race. Hopefully, if I can catch Billy, I can ride with him and make good time.”

Gomez endured his hurting arm during the race and had a few mistakes halfway through which ended him in the third place.

“I started quite well but managed to soon move up to second,” told Gomez. “Coming around on the second lap there were a lot of riders still stuck on the rocks so that made things a little harder. I made a mistake in some of the soft sand and hurt my arm a little. I’m happy becuase to finish on the podium after a crash has to be good.”

“Honestly, I really want to win here and starting third for tomorrow’s forest Race is not too bad. The main test will be the Mountain Race and I’m really looking forward to it.”

The Red Bull Sea to Sky continues with the Forest Race on Friday September 29.

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