Billy Bolt Finishes 1st Place in Eddy’s British Extreme Enduro Round 3! Graham Jarvis Eliminated

Billy Bolt takes his first ever win in a Major Enduro event in ACU’s British Extreme Enduro Round 3.


Bolt describes his struggle to make it out on the top. “It felt like 2 and half hours just in one rock” said Bolt.

Asked if where he’s set to join next, “Next to this is to Extreme Ravine, and hopefully if all goes well, we’ll go overseas and go to Lagares”.


His Team mate in Husqvarna racing team, Graham Jarvis suffered his first defeat in 2017. After running out of fuel in the final sections of the race and eventually was disqualified.

With Jarvis winning the first two rounds of the British Extreme, he’s expected to take the trophy easily. However, that was not the outcome everyone expected. As Billy Bolt took the win and ended Graham’s winning streak.

Faced with a 12-mile long course, Bolt held his nerve in the deteriorating conditions to come out on top and secure a memorable win.


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