Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp

Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp
Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp

Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp – When transporting or storing your dirt bike, it helps to have hitch carriers and stands in hand. However, if your vehicle can’t hold a carrier, a loading ramp is an ideal option. A dirt bike loading ramp is an essential piece of equipment for any avid off-road enthusiast. These ramps are typically constructed from sturdy materials like aluminum or steel and designed with a gradual incline to facilitate the easy loading and unloading of dirt bikes onto and off trucks, trailers, or other transport vehicles.

They provide a secure and stable platform for riders to navigate their bikes onto elevated surfaces, ensuring a smooth and safe transition. Dirt bike loading ramps come in various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different types of motorcycles and vehicles. Whether you’re heading to the track for a day of racing or embarking on an adventure to explore rugged trails, a reliable loading ramp is a must-have accessory for any dirt bike enthusiast, offering convenience and peace of mind during transportation.

Why Have a Dirt Bike Ramp?

There are different reasons to have a ramp, especially when it comes to unloading and loading your bike for transportation. Loading a dirt bike without a loading ramp can be incredibly challenging. Unless you’re capable of deadlifting over 250 pounds, attempting to do so is not recommended. While some may have managed to lift their bikes into a truck bed, it’s neither safe for you nor your dirt bike. Using the right tool for the job is essential to avoid injuries during the loading or unloading process. Investing in a proper dirt bike loading ramp is a wise choice to ensure safety and preserve the joy of riding.

Unloading a dirt bike without a loading ramp is somewhat easier due to gravity’s assistance, but it is still not advisable. While a quality dirt bike has suspension travel to withstand falling from a truck bed, it’s a risky maneuver. You may attempt to carefully balance the bike, pull it out by the rear swingarm, and drop it to the ground all at once, but this method increases the chances of injury and potential damage to your dirt bike components. Ultimately, investing in a high-quality dirt bike ramp is a more sensible choice to prevent costly repairs and ensure your safety.

How to Choose a Ramp

When choosing a loading ramp for your dirt bike, it’s essential to consider three crucial factors:

  1. Length: Loading ramps typically range from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. Longer ramps have a lower weight capacity, while shorter ramps can handle more weight.
  2. Weight Capacity: Most loading ramps have a weight capacity of around 600 pounds, while premium models can support up to 1500 pounds. Keep in mind that the average full-size dirt bike weighs between 240 to 370 pounds, so choose a ramp that can comfortably handle your bike’s weight.
  3. Ramp Width: A wider ramp is more convenient for loading your dirt bike because it eliminates the need for additional assistance or stools to get the bike onto the truck bed. With a wider ramp, you can easily load your dirt bike while stepping on the ramp for added stability.

Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp Options

There is a range of ramp options to choose from, so if you are unsure where to start, consider these top market options:

Big Boy EZ Rizer MF1-10819-EZ Ramp

The Big Boy EZ River MF1 loading ramp stands out as a top-tier option in the market due to its exceptional quality and durability. Crafted from high-grade materials, it boasts impressive strength and can endure heavy loads. Available in four different lengths (8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet), it ensures a precise fit for your truck bed. Its generous 19-inch width enhances safety during loading and unloading, though it’s advisable to use a stool rather than step directly on the ramp.

With a manageable height of 2-1/2 inches (doubling when folded), it remains portable for convenient storage. While it may weigh more than some rivals, its weight capacity is impressive, ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 pounds depending on the chosen length. The Big Boy EZ River MF1 is a versatile, high-quality loading ramp that offers ease of use and durability for a premium price.

Fly Racing Curved Folding Ramp

Fly Racing is a reputable name in the dirt bike gear industry, known for consistently delivering quality products. The Fly Racing Curved Folding Ramp exemplifies their commitment to creating useful items for riders. With a length of 88 inches, it suits most truck bed heights, though careful measurement is advised. Its width of 11-1/4 inches provides ample space for loading a dirt bike but lacks room for a person, necessitating the use of a step stool for safety.

When folded, it’s a compact six inches, making storage on your truck hassle-free. Weighing just 18 pounds, it’s highly portable and boasts a 500-pound weight capacity, suitable for a range of dirt bikes. For larger vehicles like ATVs, multiple ramps may be necessary, but the Fly Racing Curved Folding Ramp excels in easy and efficient dirt bike loading and unloading.

Ready Ramp I-Beam

The Ready Ramp I-Beam is a premium loading ramp known for its unique design and versatility. However, it comes with a higher price tag, making it a choice for those seeking quality over budget-friendliness. What sets it apart is its availability in various sizes, ensuring compatibility with different trucks. The 90-inch version is a compact choice, fitting a wide range of trucks, while there’s also a 100-inch option. Both versions boast ample width (15 inches for the 90-inch and 16 inches for the 100-inch) for quick and efficient dirt bike loading and unloading.

The 90-inch model suits trucks with 50-inch bed widths, while the 100-inch is designed for the more common 60-inch bed width. Despite its premium status, the Ready Ramp remains lightweight (26 pounds for the 90-inch and 28 pounds for the 100-inch) and can handle a weight capacity of about 600 pounds. Notably, it can also function as a bed extender, adding to its value as a long-term investment for those willing to invest in a premium loading ramp.

Titan 10′ HD 4-Beam

The Titan 10′ 4-beam loading ramp is a metal powerhouse designed to withstand heavy-duty use. Its simple yet effective design allows for quick and independent loading and unloading of dirt bikes, eliminating the need for a second person. While it’s larger than many other models on the market, offering a generous ten-foot length and a width of approximately 40 inches (or 11.35 inches when considering both sides), these dimensions provide ample space for safe and convenient loading. The ramp’s height is around 6 inches when folded, making it easy to store during travel.

It’s worth noting that the Titan 4-beam is relatively heavy at 98 pounds, but it can be disassembled into three pieces for transport. With an impressive weight capacity of 2,700 pounds, it can handle various dirt bikes and even supports four-wheelers or ATVs with a center piece boasting a 1,500-pound weight capacity. While it comes at a higher price point, the Titan 4-beam offers a premium solution for secure and efficient dirt bike transportation, complete with safety straps for added security during loading and unloading.

Chaparral Motorsport 7 Foot Folding V Loading Ramp

Chaparral Motorsport, known for its innovative dirt bike gear, presents the 7 Foot Folding V Loading Ramp, a standout in the world of loading ramps. With a practical design that enhances the loading and unloading process, it’s a valuable addition to any dirt bike enthusiast’s toolkit. The ramp’s length of 7 feet adds convenience and versatility, making it suitable for various trucks. Its folding design reduces the length to 4 feet for easy storage. Despite its narrower width at 5-1/2 inches, it maintains quality and accommodates dirt bike tires effectively.

When folded, it’s just 4 inches in height, ensuring hassle-free storage during travel. Weighing a mere 18 pounds, its lightweight nature and folding design contribute to its convenience. With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, it’s suitable for a wide range of dirt bikes, particularly in the 125-250cc range. The presence of louvers on both ends enhances stability and minimizes the risk of slipping during loading, adding to its overall appeal. While it may not be the cheapest option, the Chaparral Motorsport V Loading Ramp offers great value for its features and design.

Additional Tips

Loading a dirt bike onto a truck bed can be tricky, so here are some helpful tips:

  • Consider using two ramps instead of one for a safer and easier loading process. This allows you to walk the bike into the truck bed more steadily.
  • Avoid using wooden ramps, as they can be slippery, especially in wet weather conditions. Opt for metal ramps for better grip and stability.
  • If you do choose a wooden ramp, be aware that many adapters for these models may not come with hardware. Use carriage bolts when attaching the adapters to the planks for added security.
  • Ensure that your chosen ramp, typically around 7 feet long for metal ramps, fits comfortably in your truck’s bed before attempting to load your dirt bike. This helps prevent any unexpected complications during the loading process.

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