Best Dirt Bike Hand Guards

best dirt bike hand guards
best dirt bike hand guards

Best Dirt Bike Hand Guards – Thee are different protective gear that you need when riding a dirt bike. Among the different options to choose from, there are several ways to protect your hands. Your hands go through a lot when riding a dirt bike. While there are some great gloves and other accessories to help protect your hands, there is one option to bring extra protection for your hands. This option is hand guards.

Dirt bike hand guards are designed primarily to protect hands and levers from roost, rocks and brush. They also help to block wind, rain or any extreme weather conditions. With hand guards, you can avoid getting roosted by rocks, your knuckles clipped by tree branches, or dropping your bike and ending up with broken a lever off. When choosing hte best hand guards for your bike, you should know there are two types:

Open/Standard: As the name indicates, open handguards are entirely open on the outside of your hand. How this works is that the handguards are mounted with a single bracket towards the center of your handlebars. This type of handguard is lightweight and suited to faster, trail and enduro riding. They generally offer offer protection from light roost and most weather conditions. The main disadvantage of this type of handguard is that it is not the sturdiest option.

Full Wrap/Closed Wrap: This is the handguard type to consider if you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your hands, levers and bars. A close wrapped handguard covers the whole hand and lever area. They also include a support bar, which attaches at two points.

This is done via a clamp attaches near the center of your handlebars using a clamp. Then on the outer part of the handlebars, an expanding nut system fits inside the hollow tube of the bar end. Unfortunately, for some full wrap hand guards, you will need to adjust or change your grpsto accommodate the hand guard.

Top Options to Consider for the Best Dirt Bike Hand Guards

There are many options that can be considered the best in the market, but if you want some options to consider for your dirt bike, here are some of the top choices to consider:

Acerbis Rally Pro Handguards – For anyone that has an Enduro, these handguards are a top pick to consider. They have a unique anodized aluminum backbone that’s encased in the plastic guards for extra strength. The inner bar is aluminium for better protection. The shield part, on the other hand, is made of a durable injection-molded nylon composite. These hand guards also fall under a good price range and are ideal for intermediate to expert riders. The downside of these handguards is that they may require retightening occasionally.

Acerbis Uniko Vented Handguards – If you have an MX bike, this is the handguards to consider for it. Compared to other hand guards, the Acerbis Uniko Vented Handguards are lightweight and have a great design that allows for optimal airflow. In addition to these features, these hand guards have a universal mount kit and universal mounting brackets. If that isn’t enough, this gear model also comes in a range of colors. Be aware, however, these handguards allow roost protection only.

Cycra Probend CRM Handguards – Are you looking for hand guards that offer optimal protection? Then these are the hand guards for you. It has an aluminum brace has a dip-down bend at the fixing to the handlebar end. This unique features helps provide easier hand access or removal. It also helps reduce the the chance of having your hand snag on the handguard in the event of a crash.

Other than these safety features, the handguards have a replaceable plastic abrasion bar and central handlebar fixing. While there are plenty of unique and convenient features on these hand guards, there are cons to look out for. One of them is that the dropped design keeps hands from catching on bar.

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When choosing the best dirt hand guards for your bike, there are different things that can help. Knowing what types are available and what features there are in top hand guards is one of them. By knowing these points, you can narrow down the what kind and brand of handguards suits your needs.

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